Kitty Who?

Kitty Catastrophe (me!), an excitable graphic designer with a penchant for bacon fries and Tanora. 

Living in Dublin and blogging about pop culture, movies and TV shows that take my fancy or make me cross. I do snarky Sweet Valley High recaps and have a fondness for kickass women, Jessica Fletcher, pin-up girls, cartoons from the Eighties and even the occasional zombie. I also like making fun of Youth Defence and their anti-choice cohorts, because they suck.

I was a regular contributor to Ireland’s biggest beauty blog and was listed as one of the “12 New Faces For 2012” by Woman’s Way, which was really rather lovely of them. I also won the Blog Award for Best Wildcard in 2014. Wildcaaaard! *kicks over a table*

Here are some of the other places that I’ve popped up online:

I wrote about the scandalous Irish showgirl Lola Montez for the ferociously brilliant (though now sadly dormant) feminist blog The Anti Room

The blog may be dormant, but The Anti Room lives on as a series of entertaining and hugely interesting podcasts. I was invited to take part in their second one, which you can listen to here.

A story about me being mortified on Patrick’s Street in Cork on A Chick Named Hermia.

Extolling the badass virtues of Tank Girl's desert-punk dress sense on the fantastic style/culture blog The Licentiate.

My lovely friend and former blogmate Tess invited me to join her for one of her podcasts, where we talked about The Room and the mysterious potential alien Tommy Wiseau. You can listen to it here.

Before I became a weekly contributor to, I wrote guest posts for the site about beauty and fashion gadgets from films that I wish existed in real life and TV ads that drove me crazy.

I'm also an occasional contributor to the wonderful

I took part in Plan Ireland's Because I Am A Girl blog project, you can read my post here.

I contributed a profile about notorious brothel madam of Georgian Dublin, Peg Plunkett, for the Women's Museum of Ireland, which was great fun to write because who doesn't love a historical bad girl?