Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yes to Progress

On Friday we get to vote in the Marriage Equality referendum, and I for one CAN NOT WAIT. A Yes vote is the kind, decent and truly right thing to do. I'll be voting yes in the Presidential Age referendum too, because if you can run for the Dáil at 21, then have at it I say, but also because I'm half afraid that otherwise my brain will freak out and I'd somehow accidentally end up voting no on marriage equality by accident.

There is genuinely no good reason to vote no in the Marriage Referendum. Once you strip back the arguments of the No campaigners, it all boils down to old fashioned homophobia and them being squicked out at the idea of gay sex. So many masks have slipped in the last few days of the debate, it's hard not to trip over the fuckers strewn all over the floor.

The No side also seem to think that we've all forgotten the fact that they were vehemently opposed to Civil Partnerships, while they now hold it up as some kind of shining beacon of gay rights, rather than a half-assed piece of legislation that they battled tooth and nail against. They use their carefully chosen group names and surnames to try to deflect the fact that it's the usual handful of well funded ultra-conservatives that routinely battle anything approaching progress in this country. And they have the brass-necked fucking nerve to act the victim when people disagree with them, while they are actively campaigning to deny rights to an already marginalised group of people. It is wildly disrespectful, it's disingenuous and it's dishonest.

So let's show these people that they and their awful opinions are soon to be a thing of past and let's make this a better country for all of our LGBT citizens and their families. A high turnout is crucial to a Yes result, so on Friday get out there and vote.

Let's do this thing and do it right.



  1. Hear hear! Also, good to know I'm not the only one for whom the fear of getting the two questions mixed up is another reason to vote Yes for the presidential one. :-)


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