Monday, August 11, 2014

Throwing Shade

I said I wouldn’t do it. The first time around it made me so angry, so irritated and generally brought about such a sense of despair for both humanity and reasonably decent sentence structure that I decided that would be the end of it.

But it’s been two years. And recently my curiosity woke up from beneath her fur-lined blanket, peered over her horn-rimmed glasses and poked me in the side, to borrow and paraphrase a fucking awful literary device familiar to many.

I read the first chapter of Fifty Shades Darker. And it was exactly as terrible as I expected. If not more so.

Weirdly, the very next day, the first trailer for the film was released. (Which I've already talked about over on And now I kinda feel compelled to point out, in detail, how outrageously stupid the second book is. It would seem that I can’t read about that particular horrible relationship without grabbing it and tearing it to pieces through the means of swearing and gifs and caps lock.

I know a lot of people are over Fifty Shades and all it entails and don’t want to hear any more about it, and I completely and entirely get that. However, I’m just doing this for my own amusement and if anyone wants to join me on this second little odyssey of anguish, then super. I’m going to try not to let it take over the entire blog (and my life) this time around, so I will hopefully have other things to talk about in between angry recap posts.

Fifty Shades of Tedious Fuckery 2: Coming soon.

And frequently. A lot like Ana Steele, really.

Wish me luck.


  1. Brilliant, can't wait for you to pull it all apart again.

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!! Best news I've heard all day!! Also how the FUCK has it been two years??!!

    1. I know! I had to check it like four times because I couldn't believe it!

  3. best news I've heard all day! Bring it! x

  4. Amazing!!! Bring it on! Cannot wait to hear the plot (I use that term loosely) is for this installment of the series.

  5. Have been rereading your hilarious Fifty Shades of Tedious Fuckery since my sister recommended it. Can't wait for the sequel!

  6. I never made it as far as the second book. You're a better woman than I am! Already greatly anticipating the first post!

  7. Please review it! You had me in stitches last time, plus you saved me the trouble of having to read it myself!

  8. You have cheered up my whole day with this news :)

  9. Brilliant! Can't wait :-) The first one was absolutely hilarious

  10. What the motherfucking fuck!! Fifth shades of tedious fuckery is by far the funniest thing I have ever read

  11. I'm so happy reading the previous comments ... I'm not the only one who has missed this so!
    I recently got some new co-workers onto the original Fifty Shades of Tedious Fuckery - they loved it, of course - so this could not come at a better time :D


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