Monday, February 03, 2014

Then A Hero Comes Along...And It's a Guy. Again.

The Incredible Hulk film was on the other night (the good one, with Edward Norton) and as I was watching it, I started to get a bit annoyed. Not because of the film itself really, but because I started thinking about other superhero reboots and how it seemed like the guys get unlimited tries at a franchise, but if a female superhero film isn't any good or doesn't make money, well, too bad, I guess people just don't like lady superheroes.

I also tried to think of films that actually did feature a female superhero, and got as far as Catwoman and Supergirl before drawing a blank. And of course, we already know that Marvel just think girls want to bone superheroes rather than be one. So, I got to wondering...

I looked up the Wikipedia page for American superhero films and did a little bit of counting on the list of live-action ones. I then sprained my ankle like a fucking genius and had a few days trapped on my couch, so I decided to make an infographic of sorts out of the counting I did, in between episodes of Murder She Wrote and 30 Rock. I didn't count any of the superhero films coming out this year, because none of them have been released yet.

So here we go!

Now, I know that the list I'm working off isn't the most exhaustive one, as it's only American films and only live-action, but it's not a bad barometer for the superhero film genre in general.

Also, there are a lot of terrible movies on the list and a lot direct-to-video stuff (The Crow: Wicked Prayer, anyone? Yeah, didn't think so), but they all still count. And the superhero films coming out this year are all about dudes, apart from X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is only mostly about dudes. Brilliant.

(I know that Wonder Woman is going to be in the Man of Steel sequel in 2016, but let's face it, that film is going to be all about Superman and Batman - oh, hello Batman...AGAIN. If they make her into a love interest I'm going to throw my shoes at the goddamn cinema screen.)


  1. You aren't wrong at all. There are way too few strong female bad asses. But there are a few other women superheros if you stretch it enough to include SciFis and cartoons. Ultraviolet, Aeon Flux, the mom in the Incredibles, Sara Conner in Terminator II, Lara Croft... The first three were the ones I thought of, then I hit and they have a list called Best One Woman Army for the other two. Still sadly lacking compared to the boys, but there are a few more out there. You have inspired me to host an all girl bad ass movie night party.

  2. I was going to point out there was a 1974 Wonder Woman movie but that really just proves the point because if I'm going to be addressing the obscure I might as well include Doc Savage and The Phantom and a score of other older ones (Captain America, Doctor Strange, etc).

    It's crappy. And even the good successes (Tomb Raider) are only strong in video games and weren't amazing in the box office.

    So where is the issue? Is it that the movies are better with dudes? Is it that dudes like that kind of movie and women are looking for something a little more intelligent than men in tights? And female superhero costumes tend to be designed with 14 year old boys in mind.

    Really, the whole genre is toxic.


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