Saturday, January 04, 2014

Goodbye to

UPDATE: It's back! The site has been rescued! QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH MY HEART, GUYS. I've decided to leave this post here anyway though, as it's the only thing I've managed to write here since November. Just change the "sorely missed" bit to "continuing to be deadly".

It's a sad day for Irish blogging, as after eight sparkling years the truly excellent is hanging up its dancing shoes and handing in its lipstick. I was lucky enough to contribute to the site for the last year and a half or so and absolutely loved being part of a team of such witty and wonderful women.

I had long been a fan of the site and like many others, it inspired my former blogmate Tess and I to start up our own little corner of the internet. When Aisling invited me to become part of the team back in 2012, I was so taken aback that I actually replied asking whether I had gotten her email by accident, as I had never expected to become part of such a brilliant and beloved blog. Also because I'm pretty clueless about make-up and the one thing that I can actually do is an only slightly wobbly eyeliner flick.

Thankfully I wasn't emailed in error and got to write about everything from Youth Defence being dicks, to genderised toys being a load of bollocks, to stock photo models, period dramas, stupid sexy Halloween costumes and Justin Theroux looking like there'd be a smell of bins off him. I also got to use the phrase "rampaging cockmonster" in a post, which was fun.

While I'm sad that that the site is coming to an end, it's been an absolute blast and you couldn't ask for a more supportive and genuinely lovely, fun and often hilarious bunch of commenters. will be sorely missed and I want to thank Aisling for having me and wish her and the rest of the crack team of kickass ladies all the luck in the world with their continuing adventures.

Shine on, you crazy diamonds.


  1. I was absolutely gutted when I read this news today. was my introduction to this whole crazy online beauty/bloggy world, where I discovered that it's actually possible to build relationships and friendships with people who share my interests. In the early days of my blog, was the source of almost half of my traffic, coming from links in my comments - for that I'm eternally grateful. I will miss the site enormously, I'll miss the round-up e-mails, the swap siopa, the books. I'll just miss it dearly. It was the Mammy of all the Beauty Blogs and none other will ever come close for me. Gutted!

    1. It's so sad that it's come to an end! The site left an amazing legacy behind though, considering how many people it inspired to set up their own blogs, but it really was in a league of its own.

      I can't wait to see what Aisling has in store though, I'm sure only more exciting things await.


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