Friday, July 26, 2013

Jewellery Jackpot

So it was my birthday last month, but I've been so busy and disorganised and headless chicken-like lately that it's taken me until now to get around to posting about the AMAZING presents that the super deadly Bear gave me. He surprised me with a Father Ted themed weekend away, where we had tea in Father Ted's house, followed by a scamper around the Ailwee Caves and generally had loads of fun.

However, this post is about the lovely shiny things that I was lucky enough to be given. First of all, there's this SUPER COOL silver walnut locket, made by our ridiculously talented metalsmith friend Mirjam (who created my incredible bear ring).

It's so amazingly lovely! Mirjam is just incredibly good at what she does and has actually opened a shop in Sligo. It's called Wildheart and I highly suggest you check it out or at least snoop around her website and Facebook page for a look at the glorious pieces just bursting with character that she has worked her unique brand of pirate magic on. The shop in Sligo also has a vintage section, which is where that crafty Bear of mine picked up the next amazing present.

This totally beautiful bird necklace! Just look at that bad boy. 

And finally, he got me a kickass watch from an Irish company called Push. It's got a mirror-type surface (super handy) and when you press one of the buttons on the side, the time flashes up in a lovely LED shade of blue. It's so goddamn cool! I also love it because it sort of reminds me of a square Rice Krispies digital watch I had as a young wan, where you'd press a button on the side and the time would pop up out of the top. It was one of those ones you collected tokens and sent away for and I bloody loved it. And now I have this awesome grown-up version of it! Yay!


  1. I love the bird necklace, going for a snoop around her website now.

  2. Deadly! The walnut necklace is unbelievable, I'm always in awe of people who can make jewellery like that. Stunning.

    1. It's so cool, isn't it! I think Mirjam used actual walnut shells as the casts for the silver. I love it so much.

  3. Ah I met Mirjam at the flea market I run in Sligo. Her stuff is insanely cool, but alas I can't afford any extra expenditure at the moment :( LOVE that watch too!

  4. Class!

    That walnut piece is BEAUTIFUL. In the very best way it reminds me of the golden snitch from Harry Potter.


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