Sunday, May 05, 2013

Thank You, Youth Defence!

No, really! You're reading that post title 100% correctly. I genuinely and for realz am saying a big fluffy THANK YOU to Youth Defence, the Life Institute, the Mother and Child Campaign,, the Pro-Life Alliance and all the other similar organisations that don't happen to reside in 60a Capel Street.

You see, for quite some time, I thought it was ridiculous that as a country we just exported the issue of abortion, thanks to Ryanair and our handy proximity to England. However, since Youth Defence's anti-choice poster campaign invaded Dublin city last summer, I've realised that it's completely, unacceptably and fucking infuriatingly ridiculous that we export the issue and pretend like it doesn't happen.

Because of Youth Defence, I'm more vocally and fucking furiously pro-choice than I have ever been in my entire life.

Because of Youth Defence, I attended vigils for Savita Halappanavar on Kildare Street in the bollock-freezing cold last year despite a fractured ankle and a leg encased in a plaster cast.

Because of Youth Defence, I am never, ever in my life going to give my vote to any politician or organisation that would claim to describe themselves as "pro-life". I'd rather unwittingly step barefoot on upturned plugs for a year, than have that happen.

Because of Youth Defence, I now take an interest in their activities, along with those of the Pro Life Campaign, the Iona Institute, EWTN and their assorted cohorts, and revel in taking the unrelenting piss out of them here and writing angry, pro-choice blog posts for

Because of Youth Defence, for a while there my walk to and from work included keeping an eye out for and ripping down bright yellow stickers that bore a vapidly smiling shamrock on them as well as the insidious slogan "Proud to be Irish, Proud to be Pro Life".

Because of Youth Defence and their underhanded, manipulative, fuckweasel tactics, I'm planning on making a big-ass go-fuck-yourself sign with which to march at the Action on X rally at 4 o'clock on Saturday the 18th and I hope as many people as possible do too.

So seriously, you guys! Thank you for making me absolutely certain that women should have the right to choose what happens to our bodies, our lives and our mental wellbeing.

Thank you. You unbelievable cunts.

Smiley face!


  1. They have done a lovely job of showing just why nobody but a complete fucking loon would ever support them, haven't they?

    Long may they continue to shoot themselves in the foot by being a horrible shower of bastards.

  2. And thank you for loudly and wonderfully speaking out!

  3. Brilliant I'd be inclined to be the same, the more the anti choice crowd go on the more I get feck this crap let's take them down!

  4. Shhhh! We other denizens of Capel St don't like it bandied about that they're on the street too. They lower the tone.

  5. I've a similar story. I was fairly undecided, leaning pro-choice before Savita and the whole abortion debate. However, the heartless nonsense from the anti-abortion side has pushed me firmly into the pro-choice camp.

  6. YES, girl! I've always been pro-choice, but I'm not the activist type. It was YD and their endless bullshittery that drove me to march on the streets of Dublin and bombard my TD's with angry emails. The more conservative, controlling shit I hear the more determined I become to speak out against it, loudly and clearly: "I will make my own life decisions, thanks very much. Oh and, fuck yous."

  7. Marvellous! Love the angry energy! Hopefully cunts like that will make it a lot easier for more people sitting on the fence to pick the pro-choice side. x


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