Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quelque Chose #22

Two weeks ago, my lovely, bold and brilliant grandmother died at the rather decent age of 93. She was Nanny Nonie to me, her thirty other grandchildren and her twenty-seven great-grandchildren. It's a frankly massive family tree that she's responsible for. Nanny was tiny, a demon for sweets and unfailingly honest. "Sit your big bum down here beside me, Kitty!" The picture above is from 1941 and she's with my grandad who died long before I was born. Her bobby socks are awesome.

As such, I hadn't really been in the form for blogging for the last while, but Sweet Valley snarking and general silliness will resume shortly.


  1. Ah I'm sorry to hear that, sincere condolences. What a stunning woman, gorgeous picture x

  2. The pic is fab. Sorry for your loss.

  3. Sounds like an amazing women to have grown up with. Sorry for your loss.

  4. I came here to comment that my Nana's (nick)name is Nonie too. How strange. Sorry for your loss.

    Then I got distracted by the super-sexy new layout. It's very nice.

  5. Thinking of you Kitty, know how much it sucks! She sounds like a woman to be reckoned with! x

  6. Thanks for the lovely comments guys, much appreciated. x

    holmese - I'm glad you like it! :)


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