Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shake Your Whammy Grammy Funky Song

While scrolling through all the galleries and slideshows of BAFTAs and Grammys dresses, I found myself getting increasingly annoyed with how anyone that showed a bit of personality or divilment in their choice of attire was relegated to the Worst Dressed lists. Balls to that, says I.

The endless shots of black dresses at the BAFTAs quite frankly bored the tits off me (apart from Helen Mirren and her deadly pink hair, obviously), so I've decided to show some love to my favourite gĂșnas of the Grammys, all have which have appeared on the Worst Dressed lists.

I think Florence Welch looked fucking mighty in her slinky, shiny, spiky jewel-green dress. Like a sexy stegosaurus. And I love a bird with a big nose, being one myself.

Estonian singer and songwriter Kerli has been given a right rough time of it, with fashion writers sniffily deriding her makeup and devil horns, placing her as the star of their Worst Dressed or "What were they thinking?" style of lineup. I think she looks absolutely balls out brilliant. She describes herself as "bubblegum goth" and the fact that her bag looks like it might be a turtle of some description only further endears her to me.

Kimbra, of plinky-plonky earworm "Somebody That I Used To Know" fame has also been scornfully dismissed with lines like "New Zealand singer Kimbra wore a bizarre netted number on the red carpet" and "Kimbra looked like she was wearing a dancing costume and the dress had way too much going on. She certainly stood out, but for all the wrong reasons!" HAHAHA YOU'RE HILARIOUS, FASHION WRITER LADY. In my opinion, Kimbra looked bloody marvellous, like a sparkly woodland fairy that's scandalising the forest by becoming a showgirl. Also, she looked so genuinely happy and excited on the night, it just seems mean to be a jerk about someone so endearing. YOU GO KIMBRA.

Also, as an aside, does anyone else think it sounds odd when fashion writers go on about how someone's makeup "could have used a red lip", as if they only have one? Like, you wouldn't say someone was "rocking a stylish black pant", or "looked amazing in a stripey sock". So yeah. Stop that.


  1. For serio, on US fashion sites they do say such things as "rocking a stylish black pant". SADFACE.

    I love all of the delightful ensembles you've shown. I especially don't get the Kerli hate. I mean, surely she's not too far from fashion dahling Lady Gaga there?

    1. NO! Really? Ah for feck's sake, it's such a stupid thing to say though! COME ON, people.

  2. Could magazines or journalists not for once just write "ladies you all look fabulous" and move on?
    Instead of all these nasty "worst-dressed" lists, because surely most of the women on them thought they looked fantastic (I know some just wear what their stylists tell them to, whether they like it or not), so who are fashion journalists to tell them that they thought they looked dreadful?

  3. I agree Kerli looks awesomesauce

  4. I loved Flo's ensemble, i think she looks stunning and that colour green really stands out!
    FAH-BU-LOUS dahling!

  5. Kimbra is some ride! Her dress is so so pretty.

  6. That bugs me enormously, too. "A short" or even "a knicker" is bad enough, but "a lip"? That's not just using specialised terminology to show how fashionable you are, that's an inability to count body parts. Perhaps these writers need a refresher course in "Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes".

    Also hello! *relurks*

  7. Aw but Kimbra's dress was lovely! It looks like it would be so much fun to prance about in and sure what's the fun of those occasions if you can't prance?


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