Thursday, January 31, 2013

Down in Dungarvan

Towards the end of last year, I took part in an exhibition organised by my good friend Noeleen called Brief Exchange. Well, it's back! The second show is an online only affair and the results have all been added to the Brief Exchange website for all to peruse.

This time around, I was given the following brief:

On his album 'Born in the USA' Bruce Springsteen sings about 'My Hometown'. Love it or hate it we all have one. Design / illustrate or photograph a poster inspired by your hometown.

I have to admit, I was pretty stumped on this one for quite some time, but finally thought of an angle I was happy with when there was a week to go until the deadline, just like the last time around. Because I'll never learn.

Anyway. The angle was zombies, because, yes, I know, I never shut up about them. So I decided to put my knowledge of my hometown to good use and came up with a survival guide to Dungarvan in the case of a zombie attack.

Clickedy click to enlarge

Dungarvan is one of those places that has a ridiculous number of chemists for the size of town it is. There are nine, to be exact and eight of them are all within spitting distance of each other, so I worked that into the poster by simply marking out where they were on a map of the town centre, along with other places to scavenge supplies from during the zombie apocalypse.

There's a 12th century shell keep called King John's Castle down by the quay in Dungarvan, so I figured it'd be an ideal place to hole up in reasonable safety from the undead, what with the big ass stone walls enclosing an 18th century barracks and all.  

Finally, seeing as it's wise to have an escape plan in case everything goes to shit, the nearby Cunnigar seemed like a good route to the nearby and less populated countryside. Also this way I could include a zombie warning sign in Irish for the craic.

So that was my submission for the second Brief Exchange show. The other posters and the briefs that they're based on are all on the website (click here to view them) and there's some truly excellent design going on over there.

Look out for the poster that came out of the brief I submitted, where I asked the designer to create a page of a helpful guide book for time travelling tourists. It's awesome.


  1. Hurleys don't need reloading - genius.

    You should include an English translation of the Irish for those of us who never had the privilege of Irish schooling. ;) (I went to school in Ireland the autumn I turned six, and learned to, like, buy ice-cream in Irish. I remember NOTHING.)

  2. Thanks bani! Glad you like it.

    Here you go:

    Aire = Caution
    Zombaithe = Zombies
    InchinnĂ­ = Brains


  3. You're a star, Kitty! Thanks! Google translate is not always reliable... :) Although, in my defence, I got zombaithe by using my inchinnĂ­. One is so linguistically talented and all.

  4. Gaelgoir zombies? I DIE. You lady, are awesome!

  5. Eh, this is proper all out freakin' AMAZING.

    Enjoyed having a nose at the other submissions too, especially the time travel one (with all prices in Yen, ha!) and the arty epitaph.

  6. Hilarious! I don't know what I prefer, the 'hurleys don't need reloading' or the Gaelgoir zombies. That's some imagination you have!

  7. There is an error on your map. It shows a Chemist in the location of a current car park. There is also a thru-way where it is not indicated on the map. The plans need to be correct for maximum survivability when the zombie apocalypse occurs.

  8. Why just online? By my count, there are now four galleries in Dunzombieland. I think the rest of the town would LOVE to see this. You know, to be prepared.

  9. You had to go and tell everybody about the castle! Well, I might let ye in depending on what skills or supplies you have with you, but once I get up there with my rifle the zeds are going to take a beatin'.
    All my time on zombie forum on and Zombie Squad,I never told them my plan...
    Ah well, see you on Zee Day!

  10. I too am from Dungarvan. and you rock lady x


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