Friday, January 11, 2013

Ain't No Party Like a Womb Patrol Party, Cos a Womb Patrol Party is Forgettable

Well it's been an eventful week of Oireachtas Committee hearings on the topic of legislating for abortion. Not least because of Caroline Simons and her remarkable memory lapse.

When asked by a Fine Gael TD about her involvement in the hilarious anti-choice EWTN video, she replied:

“In relation to EWTN. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m sorry I can’t help you with that one”.

Not exactly the answer anyone was expecting, seeing as, y'know, she was IN IT.

When asked again, after it was pointed out to her that she's in the bloody thing, she said:

"I was not aware I was on EWTN."

What the hell people, can't poor Caroline was just stand around in a room, minding her own business, talking about LITERAL tsunamis of death and the like without being filmed by right wing Catholic TV stations? HOW RUDE.

Later on Twitter, she clarified things.

Ah, see? She just DIDN'T KNOW which ludicrous anti-choice video it was. I mean, she DID say earlier in front of the Oireachtas Committee that she was not aware she was on EWTN, so it's not like she was on an hour long episode of a show on that very channel in April of last year, being interviewed by a friar who thinks that some victims of clerical abuse tricked those poor priests into fucking them. 

No wait, hang on. That's EXACTLY what happened.

Not only was she on the network, she also made her feeling about the TFMR (Terminations For Medical Reasons) group pretty clear, stating how "unusual" it was that they decided to go public with their stories of having to travel to England for abortions, after discovering that their babies wouldn't survive outside the womb.

"They got huge publicity, huge publicity. Our most watched prime time television programme last Friday night is called the Late Late Show. Those four women, I think maybe three of them were on last week, there was nobody on to counter what they had to say."

Imagine the temerity of the show's producers not to have the usual anti-choice Iona Institute/Life Institute loonbag there to tell these women how wrong they were while they told their utterly heartbreaking stories?

I mean, THE CHEEK.


  1. This makes me so tired. So, so tired.

    Presumably there are some calm, thoughtful, articulate people who are pro-life that don't engage in hyperbolic nonsense, tell balls-out lies, have twenty-five different identities according to the platform they're speaking on, or make every single point out to be about THEM and their STRUGGLES in a TERRIBLE BABY-KILLING WORLD. Why can't those people speak instead?

    Is this really the best the pro-life movement can do? Lying, hateful shameless cretins?

    This is just depressing. It really is.

  2. What Lisa said.

  3. This all fills me with so much ire I cant even speak sometimes!! Makes me ashamed & sad & frustrated!! Shameful cretins says it exactly Lisa!

  4. I will never understand anyone who claims to be Pro-Life. I really won't. I want to slap them all.

  5. I'll never understand a person who says she would slap someone she has never met...

  6. You guys want something really simple from a pro-lifer? How about "A fetus has a heartbeat 21 days after conception, a time when many women don't even realize that they're pregnant. It is not just a clump of cells. It's got it's own unique DNA. It's not ok to kill them."

    Green Eyes, you are correct when you use "won't" instead of "can't". You simply refuse to believe that someone genuinely believes that an unborn child is a human being and deserves a chance at life. You prefer to believe that we just want to control women. Can't help you, there because your ignorance is willful and apparently, invincible.


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