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Brief Exchange - Wait, Put Your Pants Back On!

I recently took part in an exhibition organised by my brilliant friend Noeleen, called Brief Exchange. Rest assured there was no knicker swapping involved, as the idea here was for a group of 23 designers/illustrators/whatever you're having yourself-ers to each write a brief for a poster design. The briefs were then mixed up and distributed to the group, so everyone had a new brief to work on. It was a huge amount of fun and the resulting exhibition enjoyed a great run in both Cork and Dublin. So now that the posters are coming down this evening, I decided to post my design here.

The brief I was given was to redesign one of the Top 10 Worst Album Covers Of All Time, which included delights such as Prince's wistful, elfin (oh, and NAKED) form reclining on some flowers on the cover of Lovesexy and Millie Jackson straining with her knickers around her ankles (with one shoe in her hand for some unknown reason) while sitting on the jacks for the charmingly titled Back to the Shit.

Also on the list however, was Michael Jackson's HIStory. It was an obvious choice for me, seeing as I love Michael Jackson. When we were younger, my brother and I used to call each other for dinner by singing it in the air of Thriller. i.e. "DINNERRRR! Diiinnerrrtime!" And neither of us are quite over the fact that Mam told us she was going to a Civil Defence meeting in 1992 when she was actually going to the Dublin date of the Dangerous World Tour without us. BETRAYAL. We were only small at the time, but still. BETRAYAL.

Anyway, here's my poster:

I ran with the slightly Soviet feel that the big statue on the old cover gave off, along with making it a sort of gallery of his most iconic looks from over the years. I was really happy with the end result, even though I ended up in a bit of a panic, as we had two months to get it done, so I was all "Oh, there LOADS of time sure, I don't need to start yet...OHJESUSTHERE'SAWEEKLEFT."

I think I'm particularly happy with the Smooth Criminal and Bad era Michaels. I like the Smooth Criminal one because it's so simple and I actually like the Bad one for the opposite reason, because it was so bloody complicated, what with the four million belts and buckles he was wearing.

So that was my poster for the project. The brief that I wrote for it was to design a public information poster dealing with zombie attacks, which went to Alan B, an absolutely brilliant illustrator. He took it in a great direction and designed a poster to publicise a book for children about dealing with the post-apocalyptic issue of zombie relatives, called Uncle Fred Undead! He knocked it out of the fucking park and I think you'll agree:

Super deadly, am I right? If you want to have a look at all 23 posters from the exhibition, there's an album on Facebook here.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fifty Shades of Tedious Fuckery (Vol. 12)

Well now, would you look at that! I've actually, finally made it to the end of the bucket of shite that is Fifty Shades of Grey. Thanks a million to everyone for all the brilliant comments, tweets and emails, you've been deadly. So here we go, the home straight, Volume 12.

Catch up: Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Now then. Where was I? Ah yes, Christian has just informed Ana that he can't make it to dinner at her mother's house, as he has to go back to Seattle because he has a "situation" to deal with.

The last ‘situation’ he had was my virginity. Jeez, I hope it’s nothing like that.

JEEZ and HOLY FUCK Ana, me too. One ridiculous virgin bitch is quite enough to be dealing with. There is only so much hatred I can handle, after all. The word "situation" gets used so much here that I start to wonder if he's got a meeting with this guy:

They could start a company together. Douchebag & Cuntface Inc. Their business plan is too piss off EVERYONE IN THE WORLD.

That afternoon, Ana is relaxing by the pool and we're met by another sentence that enraged me the exact amount as that awful "I take a moment to admire the pretty" one back in Volume 6 did.

"As I lie in the sun, endeavoring to lose the pale, I think about yesterday evening and breakfast today."

Endeavouring to lose the pale. THE PALE. Well fuck me Anastasia, you're looking well for a wan who ruled 15th century Dublin and wished to relinquish that control by constantly sunbathing, because that is THE ONLY WAY ANY PART OF THAT SENTENCE MAKES ANY FUCKING SENSE.

Goddammit EL James, what the fuck did the English language ever do to you to deserve this?

Anyway, Ana starts to wonder why Christian is suddenly so willing to try "more" (gag) with her and what could have changed his mind about it. Then she remembers that he had dinner with Elena and goes into an utterly inexplicable rage because HOW VERY DARE SHE help Ana get exactly what she has wanted this whole time. THAT DEVIOUS WENCH. There's another three pages of emails where she asks him to tell her what it was that she said in her sleep, he says no, blah blah blah, she gets all annoyed and thinks how he's "Fifty shades of exasperating". Fifty Shades of DIE IN A FUCKING FIRE.

Appearances of the phrase "fifty shades": 14

Ana gets dropped off at the airport by her mother and Bob. She sits down on the plane and starts thinking about how her mother reckons Christian is in love with her but she doesn't think Christian is properly capable of love. She uses the phrase "my mother’s words waft like a zephyr through my mind" and the existence of this book wafts like a fart through my life.

According to her, being into BDSM and a spot of bondage means you hate yourself and feel like you don't deserve to be loved, which seems like an outrageously insulting thing to say about people who partake in such sexual endeavours. Ana emails Christian to update him on the fact that she's sitting down, so they go back and forth for seven emails about fuck all, where the only thing we learn is that "the situation could be better".

Appearances of the word "situation": 22 (That's just excessive.)

Ana realises that the only empty seat in first class is the one beside her, which was also the case when she was flying out to Georgia.

"I shake my head as the thought crosses my mind that Christian might have purchased the adjacent seat so that I couldn’t talk to anyone. I dismiss the idea as ridiculous – no one could be that controlling, that jealous, surely."

Hey, maybe she's just been sleepwalking her way through the entire relationship up to this point, because I can't begin to imagine that anyone could actually be that fucking stupid.

Ana eventually gets to Christian's place and he immediately demands that they take a shower together, but they end up fucking against the wall. Right before this though, he does the following:

"He steps out of his shoes and reaches down to take each of his socks off, never taking his eyes off me."

This line makes me burst out laughing every time I read it, because someone staring at you while they take their socks off is fucking hilarious to me and I honestly have no idea why. Possibly because I keep thinking of how they would end up hopping forward on one foot and trying not to faceplant into the floor during the process. Afterwards, they get into the shower and Ana ruins the sexy moment by bringing up José The Potential Rapist's photography exhibition and asks Christian if he'd like to come with her to it. He grudgingly agrees to go and Ana mentions how he seems to be "on the jealous side" when it comes to José.  

“Yes, I am,” he says darkly. “And you’d do well to remember that."


After they've eaten dinner, Christian tells Ana that he wants her to be ready and waiting in his playroom in fifteen minutes. While she's waiting for him to come in, she gets nervous about what he's going to do with her.

"After the last few days… after all he’s done, I have to man up and take whatever he decides he wants, whatever he thinks he needs."


Holy fuckballs, it's like feminism never happened.

He goes over the safewords that they have agreed on if she wants him to stop at any point. Once that's all sorted, he ties her to the bed, puts a blindfold and headphones on her, so she can't see or hear what he's doing and while he explains to her that he'll be able to hear what she's listening to on the headphones, he holds up "a small, flat device that looks like a very hip calculator".


There's a bit of light flogging and Ana comes like a motherfucker, as she is wont to do. Later on, she wakes up alone in Christian's bed at five in the morning and finds Christian playing sad music on his piano. She tries to get him to talk about his childhood, he decides he wants to fuck on the piano, she decides she wants to talk about their relationship and the contract. He says the contract is moot at this point and he just wants her to follow the rules section of it. She asks what will happen if she breaks one of the rules. He says she'll be punished but that he'll need her permission to punish her.

She asks "What if I say no?" and he replies “If you say no, you’ll say no. I’ll have to find a way to persuade you.”


Ana rolls her eyes at this, which gives Christian a raging horn because according to his logic, now he gets to spank her. She has already told him that she really REALLY doesn't like to be spanked, so she runs around the room with him chasing her, acting all coy and teasing him even though she's genuinely trying to get away from him and not just playing along. I honestly have no idea why she does this. Although, nothing else in this book makes sense so there's hardly any point complaining about it this late in the game.

She tells him that she feels about spanking the way he fells about her touching him. This upsets him greatly, so she backtracks a bit and tries to explain that she's worried that he'll hurt her if he's punishing her. He says he wants and needs to hurt her, but not beyond anything she can take and he won't tell her why this is because he's afraid she'll leave him. Oh and apparently Ana begged him not to leave her in her sleep. That's what has been building up for the last few chapters, a big pile of nothing. And for fuck's sake, what kind of idiot bases their relationship on something the other person said IN THEIR SLEEP? YOU'RE A FUCKING TOOL CHRISTIAN.

So Ana decides that she wants him to punish her and to show her how bad it can get, because she's labouring under the delusion that if she does this for him then she'll be able to CHANGE him or SAVE him or some such bollocks. He's - understandably - completely confused by this and repeatedly asks her if she's sure, she repeatedly says yes, EVEN THOUGH SHE'S NOT and he tells her he's going to hit her on the arse six times with a belt. So he does it and it sounds horrible and she's screaming and crying from the second blow onwards, instead of using the safewords he had drilled into her just a few hours ago.

When he's finished, he tries to comfort her and she freaks the fuck out, because she's furious with him, even though she ASKED HIM TO DO THIS. For once, this is actually not completely Christian's fault. She calls him a fucked up son of a bitch and stiffly storms off to her room and bawls her eyes out crying. She's all distraught and reckons she needs to leave him but doesn't want to and thinks stuff like "Oh, this is a dark morning of the soul for me" because she's the worst female character ever written in anything, ever.

He eventually follows her into the room all sad and tells her she should leave him, she says she doesn't want to and that she loves him, he's "horrified" (because he doesn't deserve love, I guess?) and says he can't make her happy, she says he DOES make her happy (which flies in the face of THE ENTIRE BOOK SO FAR seeing as all she's done is cry and be confused about everything) but she eventually makes up her mind and packs up her shit.

She gives Christian back the laptop, Blackberry and car keys, which also horrifies him. Then he tells her that Taylor will drive her home, she refuses and with "barely-contained fury" he says "Are you going to defy me at every turn?" At which point I think to myself, GO FUCKING FUCK YOURSELF, GREY. It's bad enough that he controlled her every move while they were together, but thinking that he can keep doing it when they're breaking up is just taking the piss. Who the fuck does he think he is?

The remaining few paragraphs of the book contain possibly the most hilariously melodramatic writing of all time. When she's getting into the lift to leave the apartment, it doesn't just go down to the basement, oh no. 

"It whisks me down to the bowels of the basement and to my own personal hell." 

Reading this book has been MY own personal hell.

"Embarrassment and shame washes over me. I’m a complete failure."


"I had hoped to drag my Fifty Shades into the light, but it’s proved a task beyond my meager abilities."

So is understanding the concept of a remote control.

"The enormity of what I’ve done slowly washes over me. Shit – I’ve left him. The only man I’ve ever loved."

She met him ONE MONTH AGO.

"I fall onto my bed, shoes and all, and howl. The pain is indescribable… physical, mental… metaphysical… it is everywhere, seeping into the marrow of my bones."

METAPHYSICAL PAIN, YOU GUYS. She's so incredibly sad that she's completely given up on making any fucking sense AT ALL.

And that's it. The book ends with her throwing herself on her bed, clutching a deflated helicopter shaped balloon and crying her fucking face off. THE END.

References to Christian's eyes being grey: 102
References to Christian's pants hanging from his hips: 7

Appearances of the word "blush": 34
Appearances of the word "flush": 94

Amount of times I had to put this book down and say "Oh for FUCK'S SAKE" in an exasperated manner: 4,583 (Probably.)

So there you have it. A terrible story with a terrible message, terrible characters and a terrible ending. It was originally supposed to be called Master of the Universe. Sound familiar? Well it should, because Masters of the Universe is basically He-Man. You know what would have made a better story with a better message and better characters?


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Fifty Shades Of Tedious Fuckery (Vol. 11)

So here's the thing. I'm still in third place in Best Blog Post. I made it into second place yesterday for a while, which was deadly and quite exciting indeed, but unfortunately I slipped back to third again by the evening. I had been nominated for Best Humour Blog and Best Pop Culture Blog too, which was brilliant, but then the shortlists were announced during the week and I didn't make the cut on either one, which was quite disappointing. So Best Post is now my only shot at an award and I have to say, I really bloody want one. It's not a particularly cool thing to say, but there you go. Also, the two people ahead of me have been shortlisted, so they have other chances to win. I don't. So if you enjoy these ragey Fifty Shades posts of mine, then PLEASE VOTE and you can vote once a week. And again, if I win, I'll read and review Fifty Shades Fucking Worse.

Catch up: Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

So Ana predictably follows Christian up to his hotel room after knocking back the last of her Cosmo with her mother. For some reason, he greets her with "complete surprise". He's also bossing various people around on the phone, which gives Ana the opportunity to describe the hotel room to us.

"The furnishings here are ultra modern, very now. All muted dark purples and golds with bronze starbursts on the walls."

It sounds fucking horrible. This is meant to be a fancy suite in an expensive hotel in Georgia and it sounds like my how I painted my bedroom when I was fourteen.

Once he gets off the phone, she asks for an answer to her question and it turns out that no, he didn't love Mrs Robinson so she can calm the fuck down. Ana still wants to talk but Christian is just TOO DAMN SEXY so they end up boning instead. How and ever, Ana started her period yesterday, so he leads her into the bathroom, strips her off, gropes her a bit and then and then...

"He reaches between my legs and pulls on the blue string...what! And... gently pulls my tampon out and tosses it into the nearby toilet."


If that was me, he'd be getting a roundhouse kick to the face for that while he was down there. FUCK away OFF, you creepy fucking FUCK. JESUS. However, Ana being Ana, she's all "holy fuck" and "oh my" as per usual. Anyway, he rides her and conveniently waits until afterwards to ask her if having period sex bothers her. SOUND. It turns out it doesn't bother her, which seems a bit strange seeing as she can't even say the word "sex" out loud without congratulating herself.

Afterwards, Ana notices small round scars on his chest and realises that they're from cigarette burns. She immediately asks if it was Mrs Robinson who did it to him, rather than, say, the crack whore biological mother he mentioned that one time and that was never brought up again. Christian gets all huffy and cross, telling her it wasn't Mrs Robinson and getting her to drop the subject when she refers to her as "Mrs Pedo". More sex, more boring chit-chat, this time about how he's paid for sex in the past, and when Ana gets all pouty because she doesn't have anything to shock him with, he reminds her how shocked he was when she wore his underpants and when she met his parents with no knickers on. My GOD, she's such a rampaging WHORE. Eventually, they go the fuck to sleep and despite the fact that she's just found out that Christian has had WAY more sexual partners than she first thought and has just told her he's paid for sex in the past, Ana has NEVER been happier in ALL HER STUPID LIFE.

The next chapter begins with a dream where Christian is in a cage, "his chest and feet are mouthwateringly naked" and he's holding a bowl of strawberries. Mouthwateringly naked feet might be the most unsexy image I've encountered since whatever the last unsexy thing in this book was, and honestly, who the fuck can keep count? It's like EL James is on a mission to ruin sex for everyone. He tries to give Ana a strawberry, only she's tethered by some unseen force and can't reach him and IT'S JUST SO DAMN MYSTERIOUS, WHAT COULD IT ALL POSSIBLY MEAN?

She's woken up from her dream by Christian, who wants her to get up because he has a surprise for her. She whines that she wants to take a shower but he doesn't let her because apparently he'll just want to have one with her and they'd end up fucking and they don't have time for that. She's SO unreasonable, doesn't she realise that he has no control over his dick? POOR CHRISTIAN.

They get into the car waiting for them outside and Christian tells Ana to choose some music, as the opera they were listening to was too depressing. Ana puts on Toxic by Britney Spears and there's this awful "Toxic, eh?", "I don't know what you mean" bullshit exchange, before he tells her that he didn't put it on his iPod, Leila did. Turns out Leila is an ex-sub of his who he finished with because she wanted "more" and he didn't. You see, he NEVER wanted more until he met Ana and her magical vagina. Also, it turns out that Mrs. Robinson is actually called Elena and for some reason this makes her even more of a threat in Ana's head, because now she's "all foreign-sounding". Wow.

They arrive at an airfield and Christian announces that they're going to "chase the dawn", as if anyone in real life who isn't an utter tossbucket talks like that. It turns out that he's going to take her flying in a glider. She looks around and describes the sky, behind "childlike clouds", which would be...clouds that look like babies? Yeah? Anyway, he gets her into her seat and she keeps going on about how bossy he is, which is normally true, but to be fair, he's an experienced pilot and she hasn't got a fucking clue what she's supposed to be doing so I'll give him this one. They get in the air and it's all lovely and peaceful and what have you. And just in case you were wishing that Ana would compare herself to Icarus again (seeing as she hardly EVER mentions it), there's this, just for you:

"The plane banks and turns as the wing dips, and we spiral toward the sun. Icarus. This is it. I am flying close to the sun, but he’s with me, leading me. I gasp at the realization."

I gasp at how fucking terrible this entire thing is. I need someone to construct a face for this book so I can punch it.

Afterwards they go for breakfast and bore me to tears with their talk of "more" and "I love that you want more" and so on. Ana then asks if she can treat him to his pancakes and his response is just hilarious, while also neatly summing up what an absolute tool this character is.

“Are you trying to completely emasculate me?”

I very nearly fell off my chair laughing at that part. She wants to pay for PANCAKES, not your mortgage, so chill the fuck out. Her not wanting to feel like a freeloading hooker is NOT ACTUALLY an affront to your manly manliness. Imagine, women wanting to PAY for stuff! As if they were EQUALS or something! Madness!

He drives her back to her mother's house without asking what her address is. "He knows it already, stalker that he is. When he pulls up outside the house, I don’t comment. What’s the point?" The POINT, Anastasia, is that STALKING IS NOT SOME CUTE AFFECTATION, YOU ABSOLUTE UNBRIDLED IDIOT.

She thanks him for the "more" and gets out of the car and there are claw marks on my desk from these fuckers constantly using the word "more" as a noun. Ana goes to her room and kicks off another email merry-go-round of assholery, where Christian mentions that she's been talking in her sleep and Ana promptly freaks out, wondering what it was she said. Even though everyone who isn't a raging moron knows that ALL sleep talking is absolute nonsense and has bollock all to do with how you actually feel about anything. For example, one time when the Bear was falling asleep, he mumbled "Do pandas....have tails like worms?" So shut up Ana.

She goes food shopping with her mother, to get stuff for dinner that night, which Christian is meant to be coming over for. Her phone rings and it's a job offer from the second place she had an interview for. When she hangs up, she tells her mother that she's gotten a job.

“Congratulations, darling! We have to buy some champagne!” She’s clapping her hands and jumping up and down. Is she forty-two or twelve?

You know what, FUCK YOU Ana. For all her innocent and shy and "Oh I'm absolutely clueless about everything except English literary heroines" schtick, she's actually a right little bitch. Her mother is excited for her and all she can do is sneer at the manner in which she is being happy for her daughter. What an absolute wagon.

Anyway it turns out that while she was on the phone, she missed a call from Christian, so she rings him back. "“Hi,” I murmur shyly." Fucking speak up, you murmuring twat. It transpires that Christian has to go back to Seattle because of some "situation" or other and can't make dinner. And while we're on the "murmuring" thing, I think it's high time we had ourselves a little word count.

Appearances of the word...

"Mutter": 50
"Mumble": 12
"Murmur":100 (ONE. HUNDRED.)
"Gasp": 46
"Whisper": 100 (WHAT THE FUCK)

How the Jaysus does anyone hear what anyone is saying in this monumentally stupid book with all this mumbling and whispering and gasping? SERIOUSLY. Fucking ri-goddamn-diculous.

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Fifty Shades of Tedious Fuckery (Vol. 10)

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Catch up: Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Ana eventually arrives in Georgia without the plane crashing, despite the fact that she left her Blackberry on the whole time in order to covertly check her emails like a selfish bitch to whom the rules don't apply. She meets her mother at the airport and immediately starts crying. This is the eighth time she has burst into tears so far and it's by no means the last.

They go to the beach together and Ana's mother asks her to tell her about this man that has her "in such a spin". "How can she tell?" wonders a typically bewildered Ana, when really it's hardly rocket science since every time she's spoken to her so far in the book she's been bawling crying. "He’s very complicated and mercurial." says Ana. Mercurial. Who the fuck talks like that to their mother?

"Well, how's things with this new fella of yours?"
"Jaysus Mam, he's fierce mercurial altogether."


Let's have ourselves a little word count as to the ways in which Christian is described throughout the book.

Mercurial: 5
Beguiling: 3
Handsome: 5
Hot: 13 ("freaking hot": 4)
Beautiful: 30
A despicable psychotic fuckface: 0

Anyway, Ana's mother gives her some stupid fucking advice that isn't "ditch him, because he's a horrible person with no respect for you, your wishes or your privacy", but some bullshit about taking him literally instead of wondering what he means all the time.

"I gaze at my mom. She is on her fourth marriage. Maybe she does know something about men after all."

The more I read this sentence the less sense it makes.

Later that day, as she's getting dressed for dinner at a golf club with her mother and her mother's husband Bob, she exchanges some more emails with Christian that make me roll my eyes more times than the entire cast of this book have, combined. (That's twenty nine, in case you were interested.) It's basically the lamest cybersex ever, consisting of one-line emails about him unzipping her dress and the pair of them changing the subject line of each email to "Panting", then "Groaning" and finally "Moaning", before Ana has to leave for dinner and right before I've chewed my arm off in annoyance.

Oh, and just in case you were under the illusion that Ana might actually be wearing her own damn clothes for once, when she comes out of her room, her mother says she looks lovely and the following conversation occurs:

“Oh, this is Kate’s dress. You like it?”
Her frown deepens.
“Why are you wearing Kate’s dress?”


“I’ll take you shopping tomorrow,” she says.
“Oh, Mom, you don’t need to do that. I have plenty of clothes.”

Well in that case, stop borrowing Kate's stuff you FUCKING LIAR. The fact that she gets her knickers in a twist over Christian constantly buying expensive things for her might be a little more believeable if she wasn't CONSTANTLY fucking sponging off Kate.

When they get back from dinner, the monotonous email exchange kicks off again, with Christian finishing off by saying he's meeting an old friend for dinner. Ana immediately freaks out because he's probably meeting "Mrs. Robinson", the older woman that seduced him when he was fifteen, who he's now friends with. She does a Google search for Christian in an attempt to find a picture of her and scrolls through EIGHTEEN pages of results like a total fucking nutjob.

During her search, she comes across the photos of Christian that José took for the student paper and wonders "How did they get on the Internet?", because she's a fucking moron. She also finds a picture of herself with Christian that was taken at her graduation and thinks "Holy cow! I’m on Google!". Please just let me physically reach into this book so I can choke a bitch. She emails him asking who he's having dinner with and "despondently" goes to bed, like the melodramatic pain in the hole she is.

The next day, after going shopping (let's see if she actually wears anything she owns now), Ana and her mother go for cocktails in a fancy hotel. While her mother is in the bathroom, Ana checks her emails and finds one from Christian, confirming that it was Mrs. Robinson he had dinner with. This sends Ana off into another ridiculous rage, prompting her to angrily order another Cosmopolitan and send him an unhinged message that goes like this:

She’s not just an old friend.
Has she found another adolescent boy to sink her teeth into?
Did you get too old for her?
Is that the reason your relationship finished?

His reply is positively chilling.

This is not something I wish to discuss via email.
How many Cosmopolitans are you going to drink?

FUUUUUUUUUCK! He tracked her down and is IN THE HOTEL!

My reaction.

Ana's reaction.

She actually thinks to herself "He's really here - for me.", whereas I'd be thinking "Holy fucking Christbags, he's here to murder me." Words cannot describe how much of a twat this girl is. She introduces her mother to him as Carla, and he immediatey calls her Mrs. Adams, when even WE didn't know what Bob's surname was until this point. This man is fucking TERRIFYING.

Anyway, Carla practically wets herself when Christian smiles at her, instead of slamming a mallet into his balls for stalking her daughter halfway across the country and making her cry all the fucking time. Next thing, Ana is suddenly worried that he'll be mad at her for having a drink with her mother.

"We decided on a few cocktails this evening", I mutter, feeling that I owe him some sort of explanation.

YOU DON'T OWE HIM AN EXPLANATION YOU GOWL, YOU'RE A GROWN FUCKING WOMAN. Carla invites him to have dinner with them the following evening and excuses herself so the two of them can talk. Ana goes back to being mad at him for seeing Mrs. Robinson, he explains that they're just friends and that she was a good thing for him at the time and what he needed, and not an evil paedophile like Ana keeps insisting she is. She asks him if he was in love with her, but he doesn't get to answer because Carla has just returned.  

"Did he love her? I think if he did, I will lose it, big time."

Because HOW DARE HE have loved someone over TEN YEARS before he ever met Ana. The absolute CHEEK of some people. Christian says goodbye to them and goes back to his room. Carla reckons he's a catch and doesn't seem at all concerned by the fact that he's a stalker because when you're rich and good looking that kind of behaviour is totally romantic, obviously. She even fans herself "theatrically" and says "the UST in here - it's unbearable". I had to look up what UST means. The first result is University of Santo Tomas in the Phillipines, but I suppose it's hardly that. The fourth result seems more likely, and it's an entry in the Urban Dictionary.

"Unresolved Sexual Tension. Abreviation used in fanfiction, mainly for X-Files stories, to describe the status in a relationship."

Ah, OF COURSE. You know who reads X-Files fanfiction? NO ONE.*

*Alright, that's probably not entirely true, but you get my point. 

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