Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Flags Are Dead, Long Live The Flags!

One of my favourite bands, The Dead Flags, are soon to be no more. After almost five years of working their collective asses off, the lads have decided to call it a day.

Around four years ago, the first time I saw them play I was just going along to a gig with my new boyfriend to see his friend's band. As soon as they burst on to the stage (possibly to the Top Gun theme, although that might have been a different time), I wished I knew the words to every one of their pop/punk/just-plain-deadly songs. In the time since then, I've been to countless gigs of theirs, helped out wherever I could, either with graphic design or cutting hundreds and hundreds of fish shapes out of coloured paper for a video shoot and every time, I was only delighted to be of some use to the Dead Flags cause, as they've become some of my very favourite real life people. (I had to qualify the real-life bit, otherwise Ron Swanson might have the edge.)

They're playing their final gig, a big farewell show in Whelans tomorrow night. That's tonight, if you're reading this tomorrow, or Friday 17th August, to avoid any confusion. It's going to be an amazing night of fantastic music, special guests and the brilliant Gentlemen's Club album from start to finish. Admission is but 8 eurobucks and The Dead Flags will be taking to the stage for the final time at 9 o'clock.

Here are some of their fantastic videos and songs for your enjoyment.

The video for You Got It Wrong, in which they recreated the Enchantment Under The Sea dance from Back To The Future, hence the previously mentioned cutting out of paper fish:

The brilliant Anymore:

And the joyous O My Love! O My God! with it's wonderful slo-mo-tastic video:

I honestly can't recommend this final gig enough, it's going to be all kinds of fun, to the point that we're going to take all the fun and there'll be none left for anyone else for the weekend. SO THERE. I'll probably be quietly crying into my pint at their demise and then remember that I'll need to make the most of this gig and as such will dance my goddamn socks off.

Godspeed, you lovely Flags.

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