Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wild Things

There was a time before celebrities had to give their babies mental-sounding names to show us how much better they are than us regular folk. A time before pesky possession of exotic animals laws were brought in. Which means a time when famous people could look cool as fuck parading their fancy wild animal pets around the place.


Audrey Hepburn and her pet deer, out doing the weekly shop.
  Beatrix Potter with her pet rabbit (well OBVIOUSLY), named Benjamin Bouncer.

Legendary dancer/singer/actress/badass Josephine Baker with her pet cheetah Chiquita.

John Barrymore (Drew's grandad) looking awfully dapper with his pet monkey.

Another pet cheetah here, with American actress Phyllis Gordon doing a spot of window shopping.

Frida Kahlo chilling out with her per deer, Granizo. Which, according to totally reliable online translators, means "hailstones". Cute!

Salvador Dali with his pet anteater. Of course. He'd hardly have a pet Jack Russell now, would he?

And finally, what has to be my absolute favourite of these photos...

Burlesque superstar Zorita, OUT WALKING her pet snake. That's right, she's taking a SNAKE for a WALK. Because Zorita doesn't give a FUCK.

Lots more brilliant ones over at Retronaut. I would now like a pet ocelot, please.


  1. When I am rich and famous, I'm defo getting a pet squirrel.

  2. Excellent call Roibot! Get two! :)

  3. I interrupt the reading of the wakefield post to say: 'PET BEAVER!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA'

    Ahem, back to the gorgeous twins.

  4. I was in a chipper up in Jobstown last week and a man walked in with a pet monkey on his shoulder. There is also a pet pig running around the area in the evenings. It seems it's a trend that has filtered down to us minions. It shall be the subject of my next blog entry. I failed to get a picture of the monkey, but I've secured one of the pig...

  5. An ocelot eh? I've never seen an ocelot, holy shit look at his tufted ears!


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