Saturday, March 31, 2012

Veronica's Closet

As you're all probably well aware by now, unless you're allergic to the internet and pop culture news in general, Anchorman is to return for a sequel eight years (EIGHT YEARS! That's an entire small person ago! How did that happen?) after its release. Some are a bit nervous about the news, as sequels as good as their predecessor are a rare thing indeed. But the fact that there's been such a gap since it first came out makes me cautiously optimistic, as hurried sequels tend to be mediocre at best.

So anyway, after hearing the news I decided to write a post about the driven and unflappable Veronica Corningstone, anchorwoman extraordinaire, possessor of the most breathtaking heinie in all of Sandiago and a kickass wardrobe to boot.

She first sashays into Ron Burgundy's life at the news team's pool party, practically glowing in a knockout white ensemble and soft Veronica Lake curls, an unattainable mystery woman who swiftly bats away Ron's declaration of wanting to be on her.

As she finds herself in a constant battle with the boys club of the newsroom, she deals with their clumsy advances and attempts to sabotage her by rising above them and the cloud of Sex Panther fumes with poise and generally being brilliant at what she does.

Of course, her professionalism falters slightly when she tricks Ron into telling San Diego to go fuck itself. But that bit is totally amazing AND he called her a smelly pirate hooker, so yay Veronica! What remains unwavering throughout though are her super sharp suits and deadly scarves.

I'm definitely looking forward to the sequel, being a big fan of the first one, but also to see if they're going to keep the news team in the seventies or bring them into the eighties, and if so, what Veronica's take on a shoulder-padded power suit will be.



  1. As I was saying to Dave Flag the other night, I reckon Veronica and Ron need to have a kid in the sequel. I normally hate children but imagine Veronica trying to juggle motherhood and a career and Ron expecting her to dial down the career stuff and be home with the kid would be a perfect straight line on from his sexism in the first movie. It could split them up and then Ron could be devastated (milk-drinking in the hot hot sun...) and then they could get back together for a happy finale woohoo. Also - Ron trying to pass on his wisdom to a small child would be comedy gold. (trademarked as of this post...)

  2. Can't wait to leave my home on whore island to see it!

  3. Eris - Interesting! A conversation between Ron, Baxter and a baby could be totally amazing.

    Mulq - Ah, so you went back in the end? Tell the pirate hookers I said hi!

  4. Hello! I'm new! Love your blog. I rewatched this for about the millionth time the other night but for some reason I now can't get the line "Dorothy Mantooth is a goddamn saint!" out of my head...strange.

  5. Hello CeeCee, thanks for the comment! That line is brilliant, so many amazing quotes in that film.

  6. I think its the "Mantooth". So bizarrely random. The Whale's Vagina part is another personal favourite.


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