Monday, March 05, 2012

Sweet Valley Haul

Due to my current massive Sweet Valley High obsession and the discovery that almost every Dublin library copy of anything to do with The Glorious Wakefields was either worn out at some point in the nineties or checked out and NEVER RETURNED (shame on you, Dublin pre-teens from the nineties) I've taken to scouring charity shops for second hand Sweet Valley wonderfulness. I've actually been surprisingly lucky so far.

After two trips around various charity shops, I managed to snag the above books. Elizabeth's Secret Diary, which surely promises all manner of illicit thoughts but is most likely concerned with Elizabeth simpering over Todd. The Chateau d'Amour Collection, which is a three-books-in-one affair detailing Liz and Jessica's adventures as au pairs in the south of France for A ROYAL FAMILY. How ridiculously marvellous! There's also Big For Christmas, a rather battered Special Edition Sweet Valley Twins book which I almost didn't get, but decided to make an exception when I realised that the plot is actually that of Big or 13 Going On 30, starring the Wakefields. Seriously, it's about them wishing they were older and then waking up one Christmas morning to find that THEY'VE MAGICALLY GROWN UP. Francine, you are just the gift that keeps on giving, girlfriend. The recaps for these are going to be SO MUCH FUN.

As if I hadn't already struck it lucky with the above gems, I also happened upon a copy of Sweet Valley Confidential, the book that came out last year, set ten years after the old series.

But it wasn't just any copy. Oh no, my pretties, it was much more exciting than that. (For me anyway.) You see this was a proof copy and wasn't technically supposed to be sold at all. The cover is light blue with purple text, whereas the completed and actually for sale version has a pink cover with red text, or the totally different red cover, like these ones:

So the copy I currently own is SUPER COOL AND RARE and doesn't even have a dedication in place yet. I haven't read it yet, as I intend to do a bit more catching up on the SVH series and will save it until I run out of old books to read and review. It's going to be AMAZING.


  1. Oooh can't wait to read your reviews of these! I think I've read all of them.

    Sweet Valley Confidential is SHITE! Truly terrible, really awful. Predictable, badly written, with not an ounce of charm of the original series (what little charm the original series had). Francine mentions EVERY SVH character in the new book and what they're doing now and it's TERRIBLY done, characters just lumped in for the sake of telling us what they're up to. And NONE of the characters are like what they were in the series, they're all pricks. All of them! Even the nice ones from back then are pricks!

  2. Wait, even Enid? Nobody named Enid could grow up to be a prick.

  3. I'm with Annie on this, I can't believe that Enid would be a prick, she's too boring! I'm really looking forward to reading these, I actually picked up another one last weekend which I think is the one where Alice's old school friend tries to STEAL HER FAAACE! Woohoo!

  4. I shall now begin stalking your blog for posts on this amazing haul.

    I remember an epic special edition that traced the Wakefields back to the 1800s or something - civil war Wakefields!

  5. I think that proof copy might have been the one I dropped into a Dublin charity shop a few weeks ago!! I found it in an airport... weird.


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