Thursday, March 01, 2012

Hey Girl

After completely forgetting to watch New Girl when it started on Channel 4 a few weeks ago, the Bear and I acquired all the episodes so far and happily ate them them all up over the course of a few evenings. It's no Community, but it's fun and cute and endearing, much like Jess, the new girl in question, played by indie hipster dreamgirl Zooey Deschanel.

Admittedly you have to get past the fact that everyone seems happy to pretend that Jess isn't actually ridiculously beautiful, but once you do, it's quite an enjoyable show. Although Schmidt gets most of the best lines and his bizarre, celebratory habit of rolling around on the floor and randomly jumping off things while shouting "Parkour!" totally cracks me up.

Another aspect that I like is the predictably gorgeous, liberally striped, polka-dotted and fun wardrobe that Jess has. I want everything she wears. And her magnificent hair too, please. I also totally dig the fact that she practically lives in flat shoes, as I own all of two pairs of (relatively low) heels and and for the most part, couldn't be fucked with the hassle of wearing them.

While I was doing a search for New Girl, a Sweet Valley Twins book called The New Girl kept popping up. Given my current Sweet Valley obsession, I immediately decided that I had to make this happen:


  1. She is amazing isn't she? Love her outfits on the new show!

  2. I have such a major girl crush on her!
    I have to stop myself from watching New Girl on Saturdays because it make me want to go clothes shopping which leads to no money!

  3. Lilac - Her clothes are seriously amazing.

    Mulq - I know exactly what you mean! I didn't realise you were watching it too, myself and the Bear have come to the conclusion that some of Jess's mannerisms remind us of you!

  4. Absolutely LOVE new girl! As we don't have a TV (I KNOW!) in our appartment I've been watching online, and I keep forgetting to watch the new episode! I just love her Hair!!!

  5. I love New Girl, it's my favourite show



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