Wednesday, February 22, 2012

They Whip Their Hair

While I was jogging my memory for the recent She Ra post and perusing the lists of Adora's friends and foes, I came upon Entrapta. Another example of the She Ra creators' complete lack of imagination when it came to naming characters (Castaspella surely being the worst offender), her speciality was designing complex traps. However, Entrapta also has a special ability to mentally control her giant hair.

It's just as well really, there's so much of it that under normal circumstances the sheer weight of it would surely cause her to tip over.

There she is now, using her super-hair to pull levers that are RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. Lazy cow.

As weird a superpower as prehensile hair is, the more I thought about it, the more I realised it's actually a recurring thing in loads of stuff. A trope, if you will. Reading about Entrapta's abilities reminded me of the character of Sindel from Mortal Kombat 3, who I LOVED when I was an eleven year old.

This is Sindel as I remember her. Pixellated and fearsome, with cat's eye flicks that out-Winehouse Winehouse.

She wore purple, which was already a bonus to me, but she was also a female character that looked completely different to the other lady denizens of Mortal Kombat. Kitana, Mileena and Jade were all essentially the same character, apart from the colours they wore, and Sonya Blade was boring (she wasn't even a ninja or anything - just go home, Sonya).

Sindel's special powers included levitation, a sonic banshee-type scream and BADASS KILLER HAIR. She could whip her hair around her opponent and slam them over to the other side of the screen, because you DO NOT fuck with the Queen of Edenia. Funnily enough, the day I decided to write this post and told the Bear about my idea, what was on telly that night? Only flipping Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, the film which features QUEEN BLOODY SINDEL. Which is great fun to watch. And by great fun, I obviously mean terrible.

The film version of Sindel and a recent videogame incarnation of her. She must have discovered bikini waxing in the meantime. Actually, and not to be gross, but I wonder if her ladygarden is prehensile too? How WEIRD would that be?

There's another scary-haired lady that I'm a fan of and that's Sedusa from the excellent cartoon The Powerpuff Girls. Sedusa is a mistress of disguise and generally scheming villain dedicated to making life difficult for the people of Townsville, USA. 

She also uses the best name ever while in disguise as a kindly sort in a Jackie O style suit. Ima Goodlady. Totally amazing.

It seems there's something of a pattern when it comes to prehensile hair, in that it's a decidedly villainous trait, reserved for the bad girls of the cartoon and videogame world. They're all quite sexy ladies too, even though Sindel has the look of a woman who eats souls for breakfast. None of these ladies seem like the type to rescue your cat from a tree with their tresses and would be far more likely to pick the cat up and fling it into your face for the hell of it. But they'd look SUPER COOL doing it.

(Speaking of things that aren't real, I recently wrote a guest post for the brilliant, about things that I wish WERE real. I'm jealous of Hermione Granger and the secretary from Total Recall and you can read all about it HERE!)


  1. Aw, this is nearly making me miss my recently chopped hip-length hair. If I'd been able to use it to do stuff, I never would have cut it off!

    BTW prehensile hair is totally a trope - see? :-D

  2. I LOVED Entrapta!!! Had an action figure of her an' all.

  3. Eris - Imagine all the lawyering and showing off to cute boys you'd get done!

    Lynnie - I'd actually never heard of her, as my main source of She Ra information as a kid was the Ladybird book about Catra! She IS rather cool though.

  4. Entrapta is the greatest testament to female multi-tasking ever. I'd agree about Sonya Blade, always felt like the token lady in the male-orintated land of Mortal Kombat.

    Mind you, I was always more of a Street Fighter 2 turbo fan. Oh Chun li and those legs, great times as an impressionable 11 year old.

    Great trip down memory lane btw.

  5. Fran - Thanks! I'm a big Chun Li fan too, one of these days I might actually get around to dedicating a post to her.


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