Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green

A recent article on Jezebel drew a comparison between Nicki Minaj's bizarre blue-skinned photoshoot for Vogue and the afterlife receptionist from Beetlejuice. I admit, I squeaked a little bit when I saw it first, for I have long harboured a love for that undead Miss Argentina and I think the picture of Nicki is brilliant, if completely bonkers.

I've posted about the beautiful turquoise Beetlejuice character here before, but I felt she merited a post all of her own, because I LOVE HER.

Hers was only a small role in the film, but for a character with a tiny amount of screen time, she makes a huge impression. She's just so MYSTERIOUS. Why is she bright turquoise? It's not a corpsey colour, it's too vibrant and lovely. There's another blue-tinged character in the afterlife waiting room - another favourite of mine - the showgirl who's been sawn in two. She's a lighter and slightly more corpsey colour (I'm determined to make corpsey a real word now) and has a great look of her own, but still doesn't come close to Miss Argentina in terms of general amazingness.

I love every bit of this character, the costume, the dark sense of humour, the bright red hair, the sparkley sixties sci-fi cape - OH MY GOD, I've just realised! SHE'S THE DESCENDANT OF AN ORION SLAVE GIRL!

I've cracked it! This explains the skin colour and the sci-fi outfit and the beehive! You guys, I'm a GENIUS! I talked about Orion slave girls in this Star Trek post and never made the connection until right this second. I am so delighted with myself right now, I just did a little dance in my chair.

ANYWAY. Now that I've solved that mystery completely by accident, the actual point of this post was to declare that THIS is going to be the year that I'm officially committing to the challenge of dressing up like her for Halloween. Now that I've said it here I have to do it. And now that I've gone and figured out her heritage, well, it'd be rude not to.


  1. BRILLIANT! i'm gonna hold you to that! You'll look awesome

  2. i always snort in public when i read your posts x

  3. Emma - Why thank you!

    Mulq - I figured that if I say it on the Internet it's binding so now I'll have to do it! Plus now I have heaps of time to get my act together. That best costume prize at this years Halloween Rocky Horror WILL be mine!

    Blau - I am to please and/or make people snort in public. :)

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  5. You should go and get a spray tan, but wear lots of body lotion and deodorant - then you will be green.


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