Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Silent Night

Last night, the Bear and I finally got around to seeing the much hyped silent film The Artist. Dangerously enough, I was expecting to love it from the get-go and luckily it didn't disappoint. When I wasn't busy stuffing popcorn and Minstrels into my gob as quietly as I could manage, I was enthralled by the music, the amazing dog, leading lady Peppy Miller's dazzling smile, and the tremendous expressions of the monochrome epitome of a dashing matinee idol, George Valentin.

The handsome bastard.

Bérénice Bejo is outrageously endearing as Peppy, the star on the rise in Hollywoodland, as she swiftly adapts to talkies and sparkles her way to the top. Predictably enough, the wardrobe of a vivacious 1920s ingénue is utterly gorgeous.

I loved that the story revolves around the introduction of sound and the impact it had on the careers of various stars, as I've always found that era of Hollywood history particularly fascinating. I would have written a post specifically about it after seeing The Artist, only I already did one last year. So if, like me, you find it all terribly interesting, it can be found here, for (what I hope will be) your reading pleasure.


  1. I can't wait to see this. it looks fabulous!

  2. Wasn't the fashion just stunning? I chortled at you munching silently :)

    Beautiful film, well executed. I loved it muchly too.

  3. Red - It's really great and pulls off the silent aspect wonderfully.

    CherrySue - The fashion was just amazing, everything was so gorgeous. I do love my popcorn, it has to be said!

  4. Hey Kitty - thanks for your comment and I am enjoying your blog immensely. I'm off next week to see 'The Artist' and really looking forward to it after your write up :)

  5. I really need to see this before the Oscars - you pushed me over the edge!


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