Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Shinier Than Your Average Bear

After eating my way through Christmas at home and drinking my way through New Year's Eve in a windswept cottage in the wilds of Joyce Country, it's back to Dublin, back to work and back to bleary-eyed early mornings where I'm counting down to the soonest time I can sleep in. I have to say though, Christmas was wonderfully good to me this year. By Christmas I mean the Bear and by good to me I mean gave me a present that has since become my most favourite thing ever.

Once I had pulled the wrapping paper off, I was left with this tin box. This gorgeous tin tea box, which had been beautifully decorated with typewritten quotes and cutout images of bears.

Completely puzzled as to what it could possibly contain, I opened it to reveal...


A motherfucking BEAR, no less! It transpired that my crafty, brilliant boy had employed the services of our astonishingly talented friend Mirjam, a superhero silversmith who designed and handcrafted this ring as a jaw-dropping custom made piece.

I die! (Inset photo by Mirjam Schiller. The big legend.)

It's huge, it's heavy, it's utterly amazing. I LOVE IT TO PIECES.


  1. Just. Wow.

    Where would one acquire such a thoughtful Bear? The man not the jewellery, though the ring is seriously feckin' WOW :)

  2. CherrySue - It's so deadly, isn't it? Oh, and I got my Bear off the internet! ;)

  3. I got my Shiny in the same place. Yay to the internet.

    And that's an impressively thoughtful present.

  4. wow.

    He puts all boyfriends everywhere to absolute shame!!

    On to the interwebs for my own Bear hunt ;P

  5. That is just the CUTEST damned thing ever. How lovely & thoughtful.
    I'm not one bit jealous. At all.
    warm fuzzies!!

  6. Radge - Good old internet!

    Emily - You're back! Hello! :)

    Cat - Totally. I might have cried a little bit when I opened it. I'm such a sap.


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