Friday, December 02, 2011

Puts The Sexism Into Tea

There's a certain ad campaign of late that manages to instill a huge amount of annoyance and anger in me. It's not Ivan Answer (this time) and it's not even that awful, insipid "I love" radio jingle, even though that does send me into a panicked lunge for the mute button with a speed that could only be matched by my haste for the remote when the Hollyoaks theme tune starts.

But I digress somewhat. It's the most recent Lyons Tea tv and radio ads. Their whole "Richer Talk" campaign was all fine by me up until the point that they decided to air ads with such a passive-aggressively misogynist undercurrent that every encounter with them results in me thinking "FUCK YOU, LYONS TEA. FUCK YOU RIGHT IN THE EAR".

This is one of the tv ads in question. There's another one where the HILARIOUS Dad character makes a crack about his wife having the utter cheek to spend money on her hair. HA HA HA. Sure don't women only care about shoes and hair anyway! And if someone does decide to get her hair done, then OF COURSE she should be undermined in front of her child for doing so. HA HA FUCKING HA.


Even worse is the radio ad that begins with Hilaro-Dad reading Mary Had A Little Lamb to his daughter, which prompts him to wistfully lament the fact that his white Ireland away jersey is now pink because "your mother" put it in the wash with red socks. Hey Mr. Dad, here's a revolutionary thought: why don't you do your own fucking washing in the first place and maybe then you won't be so traumatised you COCK.

In short, fuck you Lyons Tea Man.


  1. YES! That ad has been annoying the poo out of me.

    Also I'm with you with the Hollyoaks theme. I usually start screaming over it until one of us find the remote.

  2. I almost choked on my kimberly reading this. Absolutely Spot. On!

    That ad? 'I don't like the news, I haven't got the time'. You patronising SHITEBAGS!

  3. Too bleedin'right Redzer! I think "Mum" shouldn't be chastised for spending HER money what ever way she damn well pleases.

    Penis stew for dinner.

  4. *Applauds*

    I'm a Lyons drinker but that radio ad wrecks my head (haven't seen the TV one, which is probably why there isn't a foot-shaped hole in the tellybox.)

    Also: I thought the line in the ad was "I don't like the queues" - having listened to it a bit more carefully I am FFS-ing all over the gaff here.

  5. Áine - Hollyoaks is the only thing on tv that has that effect on me, I usually scream too, along with the panicking.

    CherrySue - HATE HATE HATE that ad so much. Now I have an extra reason to hate it.

    Mulq - Penis stew indeed!

    Lynnie - I thought it was queues too, hence the extra reason to HATE it. Raaghhhh!

  6. Maybe the husband works hard 6 days a week only to have his wife spend all their money on shoes and hair appointments. Not only that, she goes and fucks up his favourite jersey. What a bitch, she probably did it on purpose.

    She does make a good cup of tea though, and probably gives good head.

  7. Indeed - Hilarious. Now maybe you could join us here in the 21st century, women can vote and everything, it's amazing.

  8. Absolutely spot on, this ad has been annoying the crap out of me for ages.

  9. Have you seen the latest "girl talk" version of the ad. Two burly men sitting drinking tea and one says something along the lines of: Why does a hug always have to turn into something more. The other replies: I know all I want is a cuddle. This ad just pissed me off! and that how I found your blog!


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