Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Words With Friends

I actually meant to post this video ages ago, but was most likely distracted by something shiny. And/or chocolatey. Shiny chocolate, perhaps. The following video is for The Friend Song by EleventyFour. It was filmed on a drizzly Sunday in Rathmines, where the Bear and I joined an assortment of Eleventy's friends and partook in some frisbee throwing in the rain, eating so many Refresher sweets that our jaws were temporarily glued shut (that might just have been me, actually) and frantically miming our way through a game of charades.

The charades game was particularly fun, as I hadn't played it in years. The Bear and I weren't allowed to be on the same team though, as the others had decided to hold our track record of being really good at Cranium together against us and so we ended up on opposing teams. Those jerks. Each team was then given the task of coming up with the things the other team had to mime. Which means that it was ENTIRELY the Bear's fault when I pulled out a piece of paper for my turn, unfolded it and froze in horror.


Are you fucking KIDDING ME. As I steeled myself for what was going to be the most embarrassing miming ever, two more friends of Eleventy's arrived, whom I've NEVER MET BEFORE IN MY LIFE. They sat down, joined a team each and looked at me expectantly from the couch.

And so I began.

Play....three words....first word....the!....third word....three syllables....




I had nothing. I was drawing a complete blank as to how I could possibly convey the word "monologues" with my increasingly erratic gesturing. With a resigned sigh, I signalled that I was moving on to the second word.

And pointed at my crotch.

They got it immediately. Thanks a lot Bear, you ASS.


  1. Heehee, you were MAGNIFICENT my dear!

  2. Ha, the lengths I went to in the name of a good music video! x

  3. Ah that's given me a giggle, so it has.

  4. You should've just gone full-on Ace Ventura.

  5. Emma - I'm glad it did. :)

    Eli - Now THAT would have been nothing short of spectacular!


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