Sunday, October 09, 2011

Fuck Yeah Daenerys Targaryen

So, Game of Thrones eh? The Bear and I have just rocketed through the first series in a matter of days and have now joined the hordes of beleagured fans waiting impatiently for the next season. Although it's a bit confusing, (e.g. Hang on, who were their parents? So, who's after dying? Wait, that's her BROTHER? That dirty BITCH!) it's also riveting and bloody and sexy and brilliant. As Trace Dogg so cleverly put it, "it's like Lord of the Rings but set in a brothel 48% of the time". There's many a character I want to punch in the face, due to them being such complete and utter BASTARDS all the time. However, there are also fantastically likeable characters such as diminutive chancer and charmer Tyrion Lannister, fiesty nine year old tomboy Arya Stark and my definite favorite (and flipping nightmare to spell) Daenerys Targaryen.

Aside from being the ethereal, silver-haired and otherworldly RIDEBAG that she is, I seriously loved her transition from fragile, subservient bride, taking shit from her dickhead brother, powerless to stop the events determining the course of her life, to kickass, fearsome tribal queen, taking no shit from nobody, as it were.

Are yeh startin'?

She's also well able to rock an ensemble that looks like it was made out of some manner of potato sack as well as she rocks flowing silky maxi dresses, a rather impressive feat, I'm sure you'll agree.

So she's ridiculously gorgeous, a fierce (in both the Tyra and regular sense) queen, has a killer wardrobe to boot and ALSO has a trusty troupe of sexy handmaidens for backup. One of whom is rather well versed in the art of fucking and with a quick spot of educational dry humping, instructs lovely Daenerys how to cowgirl-shag her way to authority. Handy handmaidens indeed.


I won't go into the other reasons that she's the silvery bomb, as it would mean enormous spoilers for those of you who may not have seen it yet, but she's one ferociously badass lady and I can't believe I have to wait as long as I do for them to hurry the fuck up and make the second series.


  1. boy oh boy i cant wait for next season! I'm am a big fan of Blondie McRoide, but I really am curious what is going to happen with Aryana Stark but i've a feeling we'll be a while getting to that. Next season BETTER have 20 episodes.
    Also i would like more time to stare dreamily at the bastard Snow..

  2. Blondie McRoide! I love it. So much easier to spell than her actual name. Snow is quite the handsome bastard is has to be said. Or basss-tad, as they say it.

  3. I love the series, and think Dany kicks ass, the only weird bit is that she is the image of a girl I worked with(white hair and all) so all the naked bits were a little weird to watch.
    Tyrion is probably my fav character, he gets even better in the second book...I'm too impatient to wait for season 2 so I'm reading instead.

  4. Ack, this is something else that I have to watch (desperately behind on the tv programmes that the cool kids are watching). Kick ass ladies? Yes please.

  5. @Ruth - That's a brilliant idea! I might just get into the books myself, seeing as the anticipation is killing me.

    @Sarah - It's so good. There are only 10 episodes so you'll end up tearing through them, especially since they always end on a cliffhanger. Dooo it!

  6. Yet again you read my thoughts and relay them back to me far more eloquently than I could have envisioned: Fuck Yeah Daenerys Targaryen, fuck yeah!

  7. @Emma - Your post that showed her before and after the white hair sparked my interest in her before I'd even watched the series!

  8. I'm going to wank myself silly watching this, she looks hot and sounds hot. This is going to be great.

  9. Knock yourself out, TK. She gets naked in it so you're all set.

  10. Ahh its such a great show, so sexy, so gruesome!! Poor ole Eddard Stark though, seems everything Sean Bean does turns to death!

    Love when she goes into the fire to presumably be burned alive and then emerges with the dragon eggs!!

  11. Nora - YES! I was just talking about this recently and it seems like Sean Bean dies in EVERYTHING! That ending with the tiny dragons was so amazing the Bear and I actually cheered and high fived each other. We're so cool.


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