Friday, October 21, 2011

Fair City's Finest

You may remember that some time ago I designed EP artwork for the very lovely EleventyFour. Part of that design consisted of her new logo, a depiction of Eleventy driving a forklift against a Rubik's cube background in honour of her song Forklife, which concerns her stealing a forklift and using it to do good deeds.

Since then, the wheels of EleventyFour's plan for world domination have been well and truly set in motion, with her whimsical influence most recently reaching as far as...


I have been reliably informed that this charming young man is called Wayne. As someone who doesn't actually watch Fair City, I can only assume that he's something akin to Carrigstown's version of The Fonz.

Here we see Wayne heroically consoling his friend who is quite clearly distraught over his choice in cushion pattern. If Wayne had been there at the time, his cushions would be amazing. Because Wayne knows the entire Ikea catalogue off by heart.
Wayne about to rescue a barrel of puppies from rolling down a hill.

Considering I was excited to see something I designed on iTunes, I can safely say that it now pales in comparison to to the brilliance of SUPERWAYNE and his excellent choice in logo t-shirts.


  1. YAY!, that t-shirt is fab.

    Oh and I love your commentary on the Fair City photos, brilliant.

  2. haha this is fab! My grandad is an extra in Fair City. I dont watch it but my mam tapes it and I can see him drinking pints in the backround in the bar scenes!

  3. Thanks ladies! It was all very exciting to see it on telly. Adorea, that's brilliant about your grandad! He must be a pro at background drinking. :)


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