Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gotham City Girls

When Eli Mordino pointed out earlier today on Twitter that the Joker in the poster for the upcoming Batman Live stage show was channeling a serious Caesar Romero vibe, it reminded me that I had been meaning to investigate Catwoman's costume for the same event. You're probably aware by now that I'm pretty gay for this particular slinky villain, what with the big rambling post I've previously written, which detailed all her different incarnations since her first appearance. So naturally, I had to know what this production went for, especially after being so very underwhelmed by the recent image of Anne Hathaway's costume from The Dark Knight Rises.

Ehh, Anne, I don't know if you realise this, but your costume is seriously lacking a pair of kitty ears and y'know, A GENERAL AIR OF AWESOMENESS.
However, I was rather glad to see that the live tour has gone for the current comic book outfit of a shiny black catsuit and a pair of feline goggles, giving the look a tiny tasty lick of steampunk.

While I was happy enough with Catwoman, I'm not quite sold on Poison Ivy's costume, in that she looks more like a vaguely garden-themed stripper rather than an alluring, albeit demented scientist/eco-terrorist with dominion over all plant life.

That being said, however nonplussed I might have been with Poison Ivy, the absolute STATE they made of Harley Quinn's costume is nothing short of disastrous. Allow me to remind you how brilliant and amazing and kickass Harley Quinn usually looks.

Now, have a look at the manky, monstrous, Pippi Longstocking-runs-away-with-the-circus atrocity they've inflicted on her for the live show:

I hate the pigtails, I hate the stupid skirt and I hate that she's not all red and black or wearing her jester hat. In essence, I've got a bag full of NO especially reserved for this thing. Just...no. NO!


  1. Poison Ivy is my favourite villian followed closely by cat woman. I think it's the hair some one once told me i was like Ivy once with my red hair and green guna. That harley quinn an feck right off!

  2. It's a woeful effort at Harley Quinn alright. You'd make a deadly Poison Ivy, T-bird. Do it for Halloween!

  3. Ew! Seriously? Awful. I adore Harley too so I'm sort of offended by that picture... So, so wrong.

  4. @ Ciaran - It's just HORRIBLE. I don't know what they could possibly have been thinking.

  5. p.s. I know it's inconsequential in the whole thing, but the end of that hammer/mallet is really badly photoshopped in... Can't stop looking at it.

  6. Harley is my absolute favourite Gotham girl and they've ruined her. Not a fan of this at all puddin'.


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