Friday, September 02, 2011

Festival Frolics

Well I'm off to Electric Picnic, prolonging my absence from the blog even further. A massive THANK YOU to all the people I haraunged into voting for my Heineken bottle design. Without you all I wouldn't be Picnic-bound at all. I'm sure that once I'm back I'll have many a tale with which to regale you all, but for now I'm trying to decide just how much rum we'll need to bring and where the hell I left the hand sanitiser after Oxegen.

Till next week, when I'm in need of shower and quite bleary eyed.


  1. What booze are you bringing?
    I'm in a quandry!

  2. I keep meaning to invest in a wee flask....Urban Outfitters have such pretty floral ones I'm almost OBLIGED to become the resident alcoholic in my office! :P


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