Monday, June 27, 2011

Flight Club

There once was a time when air hostesses weren't synonymous with blue eyeshadow, orange tide lines on their necks and cranky Ryanair staff. Instead of all that they were mile-high glamourpusses, coiffed and beaming as they sashayed down the aisles in gloriously silly go-go boots, pill box hats, or even hotpants depending on your choice of airline.

They appeared to be quite partial to a spot of lounging around in plane engines, which was surely somewhat irresponsible at best and downright dangerous at worst.

In even more flagrant flouting of air travel safety procedures, they also seemed to enjoy entirely blocking the steps to the plane in immense numbers, but boy did they look all pretty and coordinated in doing so.

Jeri Ryan and Zooey Dreamgirl Deschanel both rocked the retro stewardess style delightfully in Down With Love and Almost Famous, respectively.

However, American Airlines damn near ruined the experience by availing of their trolley dollies in a tremendously creepy manner for their ad campaigns.

Weird, weird, WEIRD.

(Loads more vintage air hostess pictures here, should it take your fancy.)


  1. I adore all the hats that were part of vintage uniforms, bring them back!!

  2. You're right Laura, the hats were actually deadly. They'd still look great on people, whereas hotpants aren't exactly going to suit everyone!

  3. lets start a movement!

  4. I'm so excited for Pam Am to start!


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