Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Barack Attack

As Obamarama and yet more general traffic mayhem gripped the country yesterday morning, I had one eye on the live coverage and the other on the work I was supposed to be doing. All of a shot, an envelope with my name printed on it was thrust into my hand. "Eh..thanks. What's this?" said I, with a bewildered look on my face. "It's a VIP ticket to Obama's speech" came the wondrous reply. I opened the envelope, which went down a little something like this:

To be honest, I still don't know how my name ended up on the list of people in work on which these magic tickets would be bestowed, let alone on the front of that envelope. Maybe there's a gremlin in someone's computer that's taken a shine to me for some reason.

Anyway, off I skedaddled to College Green with Cartman's voice singing "I got a golden tiiicket" firmly lodged in my head. The VIP area was ridiculously close to the stage. Like, properly ridiculous. I was so excited that I didn't even mind having to watch Westlife croon and sway in unison through sideways rain.

THAT effing close, like. Wahh!

When it transpired that Mr. Rockstar President was actually coming down off the stage to meet and shake hands with us mere mortals, the crowd damn near lost their mind. Myself included. My panicked surge towards the barrier was paid off with a proper and brilliant handshake from Michelle (stone cold fox, by the way) but I just missed out on one from Barack, as he was busy being so incredibly lovely to the three little girls in front of me and I didn't want to interrupt as he was telling one of them that she had "the most spectacular blue eyes". I'm not going to lie, at that moment I was really quite jealous of an eleven year old. Nevertheless, my face made it onto the live coverage on RTE. And check this out:

Boom. That'd be MY famous hand, that would.


  1. Oh, I just took a break from writing a post having a wee bit of a go at Obama to read this.

    I feel bad now.

  2. That's pretty brilliant that is. Lucky duck!

  3. hey, i think there s another photo of your hand over on Worth Doing Badly..i swear..i think its you..

    ps..i'm new here so ..hello :)

  4. @ Andrew - To be fair, your post made rather valid points. It was near impossible not to get swept up in the whole thing while there though. His charisma is inescapable.

    @ Aisling & Annie - It was SUPER deadly, I can't believe how lucky I was.

    @ Catherine - Is that so? I must take a wander and see! Also, welcome! :)

  5. well, i may have just been swept away too..in fairness, there's a lot of hands sticking out to touch Mr. President..still..you were there..wow

  6. SO verrrry jealous! He's the new object of our affections in our apartment!

  7. I was there that day too! my god, thought id cry when he came out on stage, i turned into a girly mess! he's too gorgeous altogether! what a man! cant believe you got so close! and you had your hand so close to his face! GAH!

  8. Lucky you! I was there too. In the melee getting elbowed in the tit every thirty seconds.

  9. @ Kit & Dawn - He's a Tyrannosaurus Rex of charm, it's ridiculous.

    @ Sarah - I'm sorry, but that comment made me burst out laughing! Poor you! I can't believe how lucky I was, still can't in fact.

  10. Oh my god. I am so jealous. I love him so much, I refuse to hide it.


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