Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Quelque Chose #11

The Bear: Can I have a Stinger bar? Or will that ruin my dinner...

Me: Of course you can! Sure that's the beauty of being a grown up!

The Bear (returns with Stinger bar in hand): Did you just call me a grown up? How dare you.


  1. the last time I had a stinger bar it stole a tooth from my mouth

  2. Ouch. I once lost a filling thanks to a Fruit Salad sweet. I'm helpless when it comes to neon coloured chewy sweets though.

  3. Ooh I lost a tooth in an Apple Jack once. It must be a rite of passage.

  4. APPLE JACKS! Delicious. And those Postman Pat strawberry milkshake sweets too. They don't make tooth destroyers like they used to.


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