Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Joy Imperative

A little while ago, the ever delightful EleventyFour asked me to design the artwork for her debut EP, The Joy Imperative. It was officially released yesterday, the 11/4/11 (Eleventy Four Eleventy, obviously) and I got tremendously excited when I saw it for sale on iTunes.

I mean the design, of course, as the wonderful whimsical tracks within are obviously the superb work of Eleventy herself.

It was my first time designing for a CD case and I had so much fun doing it. It's so deadly seeing it as a real actual thing on a shelf in a shop.

I scattered references to the words of the songs on the CD throughout the collage style design, as well as the five icons on the cover and disc which represent each track. The "Around the World" ticket (Route 114, get it? Eh?) refers to a line in Small Wonders, "Put me in your pocket and we'll sail all over the world", while the loveheart sweets come from The Friend Song, the lyrics of which include indoor friends, outdoor friends, let's meet up for cocktails friends and myriad other friends which pop up represented as sweets here and there on the inside and back of the packaging.

The Joy Imperative is a terrific collection of sweet, funny songs which has been reviewed most splendidly in haiku form no less, over on Swear I'm Not Paul. As well as iTunes, it's available on Amazon and Bandcamp, where you can order physical copies as well as download it. It's also available to buy in Freebird Records (Secret Book & Record Store) and Tower Records, both on Wicklow Street, Wingnut Records in Galway and Plugd Records in Cork and 10% of the profits go to DePaul Ireland, so support your independent record shops now, ya hear?


  1. Yea!!!! It's a cool feeling alright seeing your stuff in thereal worls almost makes you feel like a grown up ...... almost

  2. You talented lady you. This makes me wish I knew more about design...

  3. I love the design. So fun and cheerful and happy. Go you!

  4. Such a great design, I really love it, congrats!!
    I had this feeling recently when The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra launched their album, I wanted to hang out in HMV telling everyone, I drew that, but I restrained myself.

    On a side note i made the badges for EleventyFour with your design, very nice indeedy!


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