Sunday, April 10, 2011

Drawn This Way

As most of you are surely well aware by now, I'm a tad obsessed with old school pin up girl art. I've previously mentioned that I wrote a dissertation in college about the origins of the pin up girl, the coasters on our coffee table are tiles adorned with saucy thigh-flashing hotties and for my birthday last year the Bear knocked it out of the park with a Vargas girl double whammy of a vintage deck of cards and a 1972 collection of Playboy centrefolds. So when I spotted a link on Facebook, courtesy of Anne-Marie, that contained a gallery of pin up girls and the photos on which the artist based them, I got a bit excited. It's a mad kind of before and after, where the artist quite clearly selects bits and pieces of the models in the photos to put together a winking, impossibly streamlined and downright gorgeous Frankenstein cutie.

If you want to see more, and let's not kid ourselves, of course you do, the full gallery is here.


  1. I particularly like the expression on the lady on the beach. It's sort of disdain and uncertainty mixed with apprehension. I pity that bird. I also realised I look far too mundane making popcorn.

  2. @ Blau - It's mesmerising, isn't it?

    @ conor - It's just not the same when you're standing beside a microwave really, is it? Also it would appear that any time I've gone on a slide I've been severely underdressed.

    @ T Cup - I always knew Betty was a dark horse!

  3. Love this, and love Gil Elvgren - and all the cheesecake facial expressions!

  4. @ Sarah - The kissy faces are deadly! Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren are my two favourite pin up artists. Elvgren girls in particular seem to have an extra cheeky sparkle about them. I do love them so.

  5. I have to say I share your fascination with pin up girls, so sexy and mischievous x

  6. I'm stupidly obsessed with pin-ups, I love them. It's really interesting to see the photos and the small tweaks that were made


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