Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sure who will we get in trouble with? The Blog Police?

I may not have made it as a finalist in this year's Irish Blog Awards, but when yet another winner turned out not to be there on the night and Rick O'Shea was offering their big foam trophy to a crowd that remained seated, I skittered up to the stage to grab it. Fuck this, thought I, I'm having some manner of prize for myself. Although, after the ceremony bit the Bear did head for the stage and unattended glass trophies after saying "You deserve an award Kitty." If something is unclaimed and unguarded then it's not really stealing. Right?

I was the girl in the Minnie Mouse type dress, for those of you who were at the awards.

The Bear and myself had a ferocious amount of fun and it was brilliant meeting Eli Mordino, Hermia, notRuairi, White Rabbit and The Licentiate, to name a few. Jumping into a taxi to go back to a house with some of the above turned out to be an amazingly good call. There were card tricks, a mesmerising game with zombies in it and magic mind-reading a go-go. Let it be known that Nordies put on a damn entertaining show.

The next morning, whilst packing up our hangovers, the Bear noticed a crowd across the road from the hotel, staring up at the building. When you're staying in the most bombed hotel in Europe and a crowd of spectators are gathering below your eighth storey window, this might be a cause for concern.

The terrified blonde girl in a harness that appeared outside our window moments later solved the mystery right away though. For you see there was a group abseiling down the front of the Europa for charity that very morning.

I refrained from taking a picture of said terrified girl, for when I gave her a bemused smile, she looked less than impressed. She appeared to be somewhere between scared out of her wits and seething with anger for ever agreeing to the stunt and may have been likely to smash through our window and grab me by the throat. Or something less dramatic.

Seeing as this was the last year of the IBAs, I do hope that there'll be an alternative event of some description next year, as there are loads of bloggers I'd still love to meet. All we really need is an excuse for a massive piss-up, and ideally one with significantly less politics and martyrdom involved.


  1. let's just go to the pub instead. simples! also, we don't have to wait a year. i can bring some kind of prize, if that'll tempt you.

  2. It would have been nice to meet a lot of you but I'm glad me my fists and my pish stayed home.

    Glad the Europa didn't get bombed too.

  3. Great meeting both you and the (adequately-monikered) Bear. I met nowhere near as many bloggers as I would have liked, so it was an extreme delight to encounter the small few I did.

    You know what? Fuck the awards. Let's have Blogference 2012, where the only competition is in drinking games.

  4. @ Rosie - If you leave it unattended so I can steal it, then I'm in.

    @ Tuesday Kid - Me too. I mean the Europa not getting bombed though, as it would've been deadly to meet you.

    @notRuairi - I think a political-baggage-free drinking games session is absolutely the way forward.

  5. i was presented with one of those foam trophies over dinner last night. i'm not really sure what to do with it.

  6. Nice to meet you too miss! And thanks for letting me pose with your foam trophy. Highlight of the night, so it was.


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