Friday, March 18, 2011

National Drinkin' and Fightin' Day

Yesterday, the Bear and I spent a most delightful St. Patrick's Day in Pea's wonderfully located apartment at the top of Dame Street. A day of drinking and divilment indoors is my preferred type of Paddy's Day, and the ridiculously great view of the parade from Pea's living room window as it passed underneath us made for some tasty green icing on the cake. Seriously, if I was outside on the street and looked up, I would have been so jealous of us. The theme of this year's parade appeared to be Big Scary Dogs, which made for some fantastic floats and there seemed to be a great macabre undercurrent throughout, with slices of steampunk and New Orleans funeral thrown in for delicious measure.

In what seemed like a weird coincidence, we had been talking about Falkor, the lovely big dragon doggy from The Never Ending Story (Atreyuuuuuu!) as it was on TV as the Bear and myself were leaving the house. We just managed to catch the heartbreaking scene where Atreyu's horse sinks to his doom in the Swamp of Sadness, a scene that damn near traumatised me with grief as a small girl. Anyway, moments later this evil version of Falkor was to be seen trundling towards us. Only he had a brass band and foxy corseted singer on his back instead of an enthusiastic child.

The remainder of the evening was spent feck-acting about on the Wii, where I topped the score board with my mad hula-hooping skillz and sucked ass at Guitar Hero. I challenge anyone to a Wii Fit hula-hoop-off as I will say here and now, I can guarantee that I will bring you down to Chinatown.

Just on the Wii though. I can't hula-hoop in reality to save my life. Useless skill #68.

(Title courtesy of Dave Flag's Facebook update.)


  1. My nephew was bloody terrified of the big dog things in the parade. Great viewing spot, we caught it from the beginning near Parnell Sq...I saw at least 3 people I knew IN the parade, that was a first!

  2. So many giant weird dogs! I liked it.


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