Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Murder Most Strategic

Last week, the Bear surprised me with a somewhat delayed Valentine's Day present. Totally unnecessary, seeing as I'm more than happy with a card on that most made-up of days. But pulling this particular present out of its box made me squeak with excitement. Those of you familiar with this blog and my fascination with a certain lady crime novelist and amateur detective will understand why when you see what it was...

Holy freaking chocolate covered baby Jesus!

That's right folks. A MURDER SHE WROTE BOARD GAME. Yes, the painting of Jessica looks a bit weird and un-Fletcherly in its slightly big-chinned pudginess. Nevertheless, "A Game of Strategy and Pursuit" that centres around one of the four to six players secretly playing the MURDERER and the other three to five playing JESSICA individually attempting to work out who indeed the MURDERER is sounds like eleven kinds of fantastic fun. I'm not quite sure how it works with a room full of Jessicas but it all sounds pant-wettingly exciting. Check out the lovely big colouredy board, detailing the island resort where all the murder and detecting takes place.

Various characters seem to populate this board, such as the suave Armond DeSoto, the dickie-bowed Walter Ludlow and the perky blonde Penelope Rumford.

I'm not quite sure if these people are suspects, witnessess or victims, but either way I wish Harold Dalrymple would put some Goddamn clothes on. He looks like a big fleshy tombstone with the head of a creepy ice cream seller.

The pieces include little Cluedo style pawns, Jessica cards, painted with a face that still isn't quite hers, some shady bastard in a trenchcoat who must be the murderer and dramatic little tokens with ALIVE printed on some and DEAD on the others. I can't wait to get hammered and give it a lash.


  1. Where in the name of jaysus did he get it? I've a friend who would LOVE it.

  2. Looking at those Alive/Dead tokens, I will be disappointed if you don't use them to threaten people. Slip em into pints and such.

  3. I have actually just told my boyfriend he's not getting back into our house unless he has one of those bad boys in his hands for me.

    JEALOUS isn't the word!!

    JBF 4LYF x

  4. There's a DOOM boardgame that I've always wanted. Though I've never investigated quite how that one plays, I'd imagine it's exactly the same as this except with a different main character.

  5. @ Katherine - I think he got it from the magical land of eBay!

    @ emordino - Capital idea. I could use them to unnerve my competition for the Blog Awards..

    @ Aisling - Ahaha! JBF 4LYF is a tattoo waiting to happen.

    @ notRuairi - A more butch look to it in general too, I'd wager.

  6. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THIS EXISTED!!!! I joined the Murder She Wrote society in college and was so disappointed when I realised they were a farce, never did anything and were just an excuse for some friends to hang out together from what we gathered! I love Jessica!

  7. I once served the real Angela, I was working in Penneys, she was buying a cardi

  8. @ Hermia - How disappointing! Agreed, Jess is amazing.

    @ Blau - Are you SERIOUS? I'm so jealous. Fair play to her for braving the Cork Penney's. That place can get proper crazy.

  9. That is easily one of the best things I have ever seen


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