Thursday, March 03, 2011

Leave No Doughnut Behind

One of the things I loved about Berlin, apart from the drunken hijinks and gritty funkiness of the place, was the fact that it contained branches of Dunkin Donuts. This pleased me greatly, for 'tis often I lament the disappearance of that very doughnut shop from Dublin. Ireland just wasn't ready for doughnuts in the nineties. Strawberry frosting was regarded with naught but suspicion and Bavarian Creams could go fuck themselves. As for the colourful hundreds and thousands adorning them? Poison, surely! The Irish public were having none of this American muck, it would seem.

You delicious little bitch. I don't know how to quit you.

How and ever, subsequent trips to London and America have revealed a far superior breed of doughnut. Krispy Kreme, to be precise. The last time I was in London with the Bear, I practically sprinted through the Harrods food hall, past the fancy Kensington shoppers and lost Japanese tourists to get to the Krispy Kreme counter at the back. I even took a photo with my phone of the doughnut conveyor belt thing that brings them around from the oven and promptly texted it home to my parents to make them jealous. I've gotten more than a few gleeful picture messages of these particular doughnuts myself from both my brother and my Dad when they've found themselves in the vicinity of Krispy Kremes. They've actually been known to fly home from England with two boxes of doughnuts as hand luggage.

It's a fanaticism rivaled only by my family's obsession with Tanora. (An obsession that invariably leads to the purchase of, oh, about eighteen two-litre bottles at Christmas time. And a few extra in case any aunts or uncles haven't managed to stock up before the rest of the clan snapped up every remaining bottle of it in town.) I recently made the mistake of 'Liking' the official Krispy Kreme Facebook page, which has thus far served only to send me into a fit of envy and despair with every update, as they can't be procured here. It's so silly but by Christ they're delicious. Tim Horton can go and shite as far as I'm concerned.

Oh my giddy aunt. This picture is actually giving me palpitations.

Having made the decision to attend this year's Irish Blog Awards with the Bear in tow, (I have somehow managed to get myself shortlisted for Best Humour Blog, which I'm really nervously excited about, given the ferociously great blogs that populate that category) I figured there would surely be somewhere in Belfast that one could furnish oneself with a box of Original Glazed and perhaps a box of assorted others, just to be on the safe side, like. Right? Wrong. Unfortunately it would appear not. WOE.


  1. There was a Dunkin Donuts in Tallaght when I was a kid and my mother would shield my eyes if we had to walk past it, the suspicion and distrust was THAT strong. By the time I had the freedom to get me to the food I wanted, it had disappeared...I was crushed!

  2. Lousy! I think they should give us another chance. I'm convinced that a Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme shop would do really well in Ireland now, especially seeing as we've embraced smoothies, bagels and cupcakes so much. We're READY!

  3. we had a krispy kreme shop in my town too! now it's just another nero's... (uk coffee chain)... sigh... i love doughnuts, but never bought a doughnut when we had that store....

  4. You've made me disgustingly, ravenously hungry with your talk of Dunkin' Donuts. Can't believe they replaced it with a fucking suit shop, or whatever it is. Pfft.

  5. Congratulations on the blog award.

    Alas, doughnots do nothing for me so you're mouthwatering images have had no effect on moi.

    I know, I know I'm a heathen!!

  6. I fucking love me some doughnuts. We used to have an EPIC Krispy Kreme epic but it closed down. Saddest day of my life it was :(

  7. @ Julia - Disaster! If a Krispy Kreme shop opened in Dublin I don't think I'd ever leave it.

    @ Radge - Whatever it is, it's no match for a proper doughnut shop. You used to be able to get them in a petrol station on the way from Dublin to Waterford too. Thems were the days.

    @ Emily - For shame! And thank you! :)

    @ WR - That absolutely, categorically sucks. Dislike.


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