Friday, February 11, 2011

Squirrels Vs Robots

Not quite as age old a question as say, Pirates vs Ninjas (pirates, obviously) but there you go. Those of you in Dublin will most likely have seen the Upstart posters battling it out against Eamon Gilmore, Micheál Martin and gale force winds on lamposts across the city. It's a great initiative that put the call out to artists, designers and whoever else flipping well wants to, to submit a poster design in order to smack everyone in the face with a dose of creativity in the run up to the General Election.

I submitted two designs for it, one featuring squirrels, inspired by this blog post and the other, in typical last-minute, oh-Jaysus-what'll-I-do, here's one I made earlier style, is a rejigged version of my Full Circle poster.
In the purple corner, fighting it out for fuzzy mammalkind.

In the blue corner, battling for androids and cyborgs alike.

Yesterday, I was delighted to get an email letting me know that my work was chosen to be printed and would be waging a lampost war of its very own against whichever politicians happen to be running in that area. A browse through the online gallery revealed that, in this instance, the Squirrels vs Robots result favours our mechanical brethren. Go Robots! So, if in the following weeks anyone spots these blue robots smiling their automated smiles down at them from a lampost, please drop me a line because I'd love to get a picture of it, and you will be duly rewarded with my undying affection complete with bonus inappropriately long hugs.


  1. For me it's robots. I love squirrels but they ain't robots

  2. Well done! This is a really great idea. I happen to adore squirrels so I'll be paying homage to any poster I espy!

  3. In general, I prefer robot paraphernalia by far, but that squirrel poster is outstanding so it gets my vote.

    Both are brilliant by the way. I'll keep an eye out for both.

  4. Thanks Rosie!

    @WR - What about...ROBOT SQUIRRELS?

    @Mulq - Danke, m'lady!

    @Comtesse & notRuairi - Thanks so much folks! The squirrel poster didn't actually make the cut though, so it's just the robots to look out for. Or as Dave Flag put it: "Lamp-posters: Robots In The Skies"

  5. Hi Kitty Cat - There's an award for you over at my blog- it's not spam, you visited my post on Ciara's election campaign last week! I spent a few days on the canvass stump with her and told her I'd had a comment from you! Lovely blog, and well done on getting the poster for the lamppost. I have a graphic designer son so I'm vicariously interested in the profession!
    Hope you enjoy the award.

  6. Robots...if only for their dance moves

  7. Well done woman! Noticed the posters at the weekend, so will watch out for your adorable robots.

  8. @ Catherine - Thanks! Glad you like the blog, it's a small world!

    @ Hostesses - They do have the edge when it comes to dancing, it has to be said.

    @ xgirl - Thanks, I'm delighted!

  9. I caught a glimpse of your robots on the quays last week! I would have taken a picture except we were stuck in the middle lane in moving traffic :( But they looked good!


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