Friday, February 04, 2011

Shiny Shiny Disco Balls

Ah the nineties. Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool and shootin' some b-ball outside of the school. Not to mention conversations that went "No way" "Way" "No way!" "Way!" "NO WAY!" "WAY!". Good times. A last minute text from The Incredible Mulq yesterday and a resolve to brave the hurricane-force wind resulted in the pair of us being flung into a shinier, more disco nineties, courtesy of Bitches With Wolves as they tore up Whelan's last night in their own glittery way.

Quote and photo from State

The crowd, as expected, was hipster central. Haircut o'clock, you could say and ticking off the appearance of dickie bows (check), oversized glasses (check) and ridiculous quiffs (check) made for a fun game of hipster bingo. And that was just the boys. The girls were backcombed, red-lipped and too pretty to say sorry when they walloped into you. "The cast of Fade Street are probably here" sneered I. Moments later, frontman,
Head Bitch and human disco ball James pulled a girl onstage to dance along to You Can't Piss To This, exclaiming "Jaysus! It's yer wan from Fade Street!". Having only seen half of one episode I still can't confirm if that was actually the case, and neither could The Incredible Mulq.

Making fun of cool kids aside, the gig itself was brilliant fun too. Copious changes of sparkly costume, Solitary Brother morphing into Papa Was A Rolling Stone, a dynamite Dolly Parton-inspired acoustic version of their disco
aural assault Broken Hearts and quips like "There's no we in Madonna" made for an unquestionably entertaining experience. Demented, supremely danceable electro-pop. Next time we're bringing the boys to hold our coats so we can go nuts on the dancefloor.

Oh, and Brendan Courtney was there too. Mega.


  1. 'Haircut o'clock, you could say and ticking off the appearance of dickie bows (check), oversized glasses (check) and ridiculous quiffs (check) made for a fun game of hipster bingo.'

    Where's the nearest clocktower?


  2. afaik Brendan is dating the James the singer lol!

  3. Douchebags aside, such a great night! Can't wait for the next one :)

  4. @ Anne Marie - Ah I see! Consider me informed.

    @ Mulq - Seconded.

  5. God I hated the nineties, but that night sounded quite fun!

  6. Ha! Ar God, those are the worst kind of "cool kids", what is the point in wearing glasses if you don't need to? And how much hairspray is genuinely used to create those hairstyles, I wonder just how dried out their hair is. They probably quiff it to hide the bald patches. Oh dear..

  7. @ Hermia - Indeed it was. Although maybe I should clarify, I love the Nineties in a nostalgia buzz kind of way, not the being thirteen side of it.

    @ Falling - They're so funny to watch, especially when they're resisting the urge to dance, seeing as hipsters are too cool for that too.


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