Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Take A Good Hard Look At The Motherfuckin' Boat

So I have this coat that I bought in London well over a year ago at this stage, which I'm rather fond of. For some reason I've never quite gotten around to posting about it, until today that is.

Ta daaa

It's a lovely Elgee of London 1960s trenchcoat with embroidered red flowers and a suede SAILBOAT on each pocket. Kablammo! Everybody loves boats, right? And on top of all that it's showerproof, no less. Just showerproof, mind. None of your fancy stuff. When people ask me where I got it, I get to sound like an unbearably smug hipster-type, seeing as the answer to that question is in fact a vintage shop on Brick Lane. And now that I have an iPhone thanks to the Bear and his supreme Christmas present buying skills, I'll get to wander off taking Hipstamatic pictures of my feet (isn't that one of the things they do? Probably not while walking though I suppose) after I answer, just to dial up the hipster-ness to eleven.



  1. Hahah love it!!
    I'm on a boat AND I'm going fast AND I got a nautical themed pashmina afghan.
    Gorgeous coat, i must see it and you in person soon ladycakes!

  2. Hey, now that you have an iphone you can take 'poleroid pictures on your iphone'...you might find this song, although be warned it's the catchiest song I've heard in ages.
    Ps: nice coat!

  3. one has always admired this coat Kitty - I'm still judging you anyway though...

  4. That is gorgeous. I am jealous of your sailboat pockets.

  5. Great jacket, perfect for the weather here too!!!!

  6. gorge pick...and heres one just for you...

    I Gotta Raincoat

  7. @ Mulq - I got my swim trunks and my flippie floppies! Indeed, we must hook up post haste.

    @ Ruth - Is that the Being a Dickhead's Cool song? I do love that song.

    @ BK - One is glad it gets the BK seal of approval.

    @ Sarah - Danke! I do love my sailboat pockets.

    @ FashionsLab - Indeed! Showerproof a go-go!

    @ Blau - Brilliant. "I'm a slicker Rain Man than Dustin Hoffman" - laughed my ass off at that!

  8. ps how does one get the Fb like thing at the bottom of the post?x

  9. I go to this page here myself, and add the html code to the end of each post. There might be an easier way though, as I'm not the brightest biscuit in the tin when it comes to these html-y matters! Hope it helps either way.

  10. Mmm, lovely. I want an iphone, seriously thinking about getting one, they seem totally worth the money..


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