Saturday, January 29, 2011

Raindrops On Roses Notwithstanding

A few of my current favourite things:

Mad Men

I know, I know. I'm so incredibly late to the party that people are making cocktails with Buckfast and someone's fallen asleep in the jacks. The Bear and I are only a handful of episodes into the first series and absolutely loving it. Although I now feel terribly underdressed going anywhere, given the perfectly turned out fifties glamour of Betty and Joan.

Mini Wham Bars

A big yellow bag of these tasty little bad boys is a mere €1.99 in the Spar across the road. Tooth melting deliciousness. I am in so much trouble the next time I go the dentist.


Slick animation, one liners that'd make you choke on your tea and Jessica Walters from Arrested Development playing almost the exact same character as Lucille Bluth, only filthier. An entire stationery shop doesn't contain the amount of shiny gold stars that this show deserves. Look it up immediately. You can thank me in tiny Wham bars.

Free Vodka

The nice people at Conway Communications were kind enough to send me a bottle of Absolut, as a pretty cut-glass version of the bottle was being launched. And I'm not one to turn down free booze. Not when it fits in my freezer so nicely.


  1. I was just thinking about starting mad men this very night! It is a sign surely?
    Ah archer.. no one understands how good it is until they see it. My favourite quote is something like
    "i want to file a HR complaint against Conway. He touched my penis... with his penis....head and shaft"
    Nice on the free pretty Vodka :)

  2. Do it Mulq! We've got the first episode of the new series of Archer, you'll have to call over for a supergiggle.

  3. Mad Men, it's amazing! The outfits make my heart melt :)

  4. I'm only starting out with Mad Men too and so far I LOVE it!

    And ditto on feeling terribly underdressed everywhere I go, Oh to be January Jones as Betty...

  5. @ Flamingo - Every inch of wardrobe is pure eye candy.

    @ Aisling - It's great, isn't it? Girls back then must have had hair and makeup down to a fine art.

  6. free crystal?! (really wanted to type that as cristal!) i have never seen a more awesome free gift!


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