Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One Track Lover

Given my previous enthusiasm about the fantastic Matt Berry on this blog, it was safe to say that I was really rather excited about seeing him live in Crawdaddy last Saturday. Or as Billy Flag put it, CrawFAAAATHERRR! Nice. The gig itself was great fun, in all its folky, funky weirdness and the man himself was sound enough to hang around afterwards to allow the audience members to swarm around him for photos, signings and what have you. The Bear bought the 7" vinyl single above, and had it signed. It now brings his record collection to a grand total of two. While our means of actually playing a vinyl record of any description remains at zero.

Naturally, the queue for a photo with Mr. Matt included The Incredible Mulq and myself, giggling nervously with no clue whatsoever as to what we were going to say when our turn came. When it did and Mulq's iPhone didn't work properly, meaning she had to explain to the girl taking the picture what to do, I was standing there thinking "BALLS! I have to say something now before this gets ridiculous and awkward" which resulted in something along the lines of:

Me: Awesome was! (How smart do I sound right now.)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Did you think it was going to be a stand-up gig?

No! I have Opium and Witchazel (his albums, nothing drug-related, I assure you) at home.

(impressed): Really!

At this point our picture was taken and I figured I should quit while I was ahead before I made a complete fool of myself, so we thanked him and skittered off back to our respective boyfriends, delighted that we managed to get a decent photo. Deadly. It was up there with the time Russell Brand told me I had nice boobs.


  1. Jaysus that reminds me of when you and anne face met Reece Shersmith and she asked him about some obscure project he was working on, and his reply.

  2. That's some quality, shiny hair. I'd sell my superfluous fifth nipple for a lustre such as that.

  3. @ Tcup - Although in this instance it was a good thing to know his stuff as opposed to sort of creepy.

    @ Radge - His hair is most glorious indeed.

    @ Mulq - It seemed like a good choice of word, given how jittery we were!

  4. AHHHHH Russell told you you had nice boobs?! Jelly... I luff him.

  5. @ Kelly - He did indeed. I got rather embarrassed and squeaked "Thank you!".


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