Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Full Circle

Ok people. A rather exciting and top secret project I've been working on, is now just like Thunderbirds, i.e. GO. A few months ago, the fantabulous Miss Dizzle had a great idea to organise an exhibition in Temple Bar that would feature the work of our former college graphic design class. Fourteen of us took on the challenge to design an A0 poster based on the first brief we were given in our first year of Visual Communications in CIT, way back in 2002. It was a right bitch of a project, known as the Black Squares Problem.

"Digging deeper into the realm of abstraction, try to communicate one of the following words: BOLD, CONGESTED, INCREASE or PLAYFUL through the arrangement of no more and no less than four black squares."

Yeah. We all just loved that one, as you can imagine. Now that we're eight (!) years on from that first project, I suppose it's actually a bit of a nostalgia buzz to revisit it. However, this time around we've decided that we're either going to reject and react to the brief (read: say balls to that, I'm doing something else entirely), or put our own unique spin on it (read: bate some fun into it) making the process thoroughly more enjoyable. A sort of Black Squares 2: This Time It's Personal, if you will.

Our delicious logo and promotional material was designed by the lovely TCup, who is also taking part. Nice, innit?

Anyway. It's all come to a head, and this Friday sees the opening of our exhibition, Full Circle, at 6pm in FilmBase, Temple Bar (across from The Button Factory). It runs from then until the next day (Saturday, 9.30 - 5.30), admission is free and we're all VERY excited. So should you find yourself knocking around Dublin's city centre this Friday or Saturday, do call in for a look and say hi, won't you?


  1. Love the logo! If I'm in town will certainly drop in. Best of luck with it, hope it goes great.

  2. Thanks Emma! Can't believe it's tomorrow, we're all ridiculously excited!

  3. best of luck with it! how exciting, wish i was down in Dublin this weekend


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