Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Full Circle: Now With Photos!

The Full Circle launch on Friday night could not have gone better. A great turnout, fuelled by wine and chocolate (circular sweets, of course) and some truly great posters, as the old college gang proved that we can still pull it out of the bag, with sexy results. Fellow Full Circle-er Carolyn was on photography duty for the night, so she's to thank for these great pictures. (More here.)

What compounded the success of the night was the crazy dishevelled drunk man who barged in, fag in mouth, and started trying to pick a fight with a random exhibition-goer. We figured it had to be a good sign if someone tried to gatecrash in such a manner. That or he was so stirred by the artwork on show that it brought about a visceral reaction in him that he felt he had to express to its fullest extent. Probably not though. Either way, he was dealt with swiftly and with minimum drama by the brilliant and burly Bear who switched to bouncer-mode most deftly, escorting him back outside.

This is a detail from my poster, in case you were interested. I drew robots.

A good time was had by all and many thanks to those who attended!


  1. Way to go Bear!!!

    Looked like a big success!! :)

  2. i think the drunk guy was just so outraged by the fact that we were reacting and rejecting the 'classic', to use his words, black square project. He just wanted to express exactly what he felt.

    Oh and when i say exactly express i mean for example the way he pointed his fag (again his word) at the exhibition so vigorously and how he used the word fuck and sake.

    such eloquence.

  3. @Hermia - He was the impromptu security guard hero of Full Circle! It was a great night indeed.

    @TCup - T'was as though Oscar Wilde was among us. But drunk and smelly.

  4. Delira for ya, it looks great! Love the robots :D


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