Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stuff and Things

As a completely unorganised person, random little ideas for blog posts tend to be either scribbled down or typed into my phone and left languishing in the drafts folder. Some of them are too short to warrant their own post or too long to squish into Twitter's 140 character restraints, so here they are as a medley of sorts, or selection box if you will.

> Whilst out for The Incredible Mulq's birthday a few weeks ago, a genius idea was born. An idea of such magnitude that I kept it safely in my phone and subsequently forgot all about it until recently. An Irish horror movie called...wait for it...GAELGORE. Possibly all in uppercase and most likely set in a Gael Coláiste on Skellig Michael. Yes, we were quite drunk at the time. Alright, very drunk. But that's what happens when mojitos are two for a tenner. Also, the Gaelgore bit was actually Dave Flag's idea.

> Is it just me, or do the staff of Cineworld on Parnell Street work in slow motion? They don't seem to have any grasp of the concept of "being in a hurry because we're a bit late and might miss the beginning of the film". Also, a few months ago the Bear and I ordered some delicious salty cinema food at the counter, only for the goon that took our order to quite literally wander off out of sight to a back room, not to be seen again. Which left us standing there puzzled, wondering what the hell just happened, until someone else came along to serve us.


> My Dad is quite a funny man. For example, he came up with "the Spliffy by the Liffey" when we passed this particular scene on O'Connell Street last week. However, he's at his absolute funniest when it's unintentional. He was telling me about a comedy song he heard on the radio, and that it was by some group called Cat Sack Upside Down. I stared at him and said: "Do you mean...Dead Cat Bounce?" He looked thoughtful and replied: "Oh yeah. That's what it was."

> And lastly, there's this crowd noise. A particular crowd noise clip that gets used in tv shows, ads and films. It's a generic crowd cheer with a distinctive "Woo! Woo!" towards the end. Stay with me on this. Seriously. It must be the crowd noise equivalent to the Wilhelm Scream, because I hear it all the time. South Park always uses it and it's currently in that awful ad with the poorly animated showbiz presenter lady with the big rack and that insufferable Ivan Answer idiot. I just need to know if anyone else knows what I'm talking about or am I actually in the process losing my mind. Help me.


  1. I want to punch that fucking ad, punchfully.

  2. I read somewhere that canned laughter is there because it works even if people are aware it's fake and even if they don't like it.

    This makes me sad.

  3. They DO work slowly in Cineworld. What's with the military like fashion in the way they check your tickets all the time?

    Pfh. PFH I say

  4. @ Radge - It's truly awful.

    @ Tuesday Kid - Canned laughter is such an odd thing. Depending on the show, there are times I don't actually notice it for ages. Worrying.

    @ WR - Pfh indeed. I often have to resist the urge to shake the shite out of them at times. The staff that is, not the tickets.

  5. i always miss the start of a film when i go to parnell st cinema, the lines for all the popcorn stands are impossibly long.

    GAELGORE needs to be made...cracked me up!

  6. This is why I love malcolm in the middle - no canned laughter!!!

    Aw fathers - there great for being funny without realising it lol

  7. Mojitos, 2 for a tenner, you say? Tell me this is in Dublin, and I'll be there!

  8. @ A Certain Vintage - I know, I hate the queues but I get ridiculously cranky if I don't have popcorn when in the cinema.

    @ Emily - He's had loads of other great ones like that in the past, I just wish I could remember them!

    @ Fluff - It was the Bernard Shaw in fact, which unfortunately has the highest level of cool kids per square foot known to man. Although I know for a fact that mojitos are a fiver in the Shakespeare on Parnell St. It's also half pub half sushi restaurant.


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