Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One, Two, UniShoe

When I was little I decided I wanted to be a librarian. This was entirely down to a Richard Scarry book that my brother and I owned, (we inevitably mispronounced his surname as Scary) as it had a section that listed different jobs. That section included a picture of a cat sitting at a desk with piles of books in front of her, with "Librarian" printed below it. As a small child, I decided I liked the look of this as a career and would stack books in front of myself in an effort to emulate the cat in question. At least until I decided I actually wanted to be a fireman. Or fireperson. Which doesn't quite sound right. But back to the book, and the work of Mr Scarry. Feline librarian aside, mine and my brother's favourite character in it was that of a magically upright worm.

How come the pig at the far end won't hold hands like everyone else? I bet the worm would be all about the hand holding if he had them. Contrary fucker.

That's him there, with the dapper hat and bow tie. Devoid of arms and uni-shod, my brother and I christened him One Shoe Hopper. I actually only discovered this year that his proper name is Lowly Worm. I prefer One Shoe Hopper though. Further Googling of him and his well dressed ways revealed that he regularly appeared in Scarry books, driving around in his apple shaped car. Driving. DRIVING? He's got no arms or hands and only one foot. Which is really the end of his tail stuffed into a runner.


How could this even begin to work? I don't see a steering wheel of any description, how the hell does he go around corners? There doesn't appear to be any manner of door either, so how does he get in? And even if there IS a door, HOW DOES HE OPEN IT? I need answers!


  1. I want to be a librarian, or I did but a friend who worked in a library told me that it's mostly being bossed around by boring people who never had or will have sex.

  2. Lowly Worm was always my favourite. i wasn't one for overthinking things.

  3. @ Tuesday Kid - I'm sure that being a librarian in a Richard Scarry book was much more enjoyable than that though. I certainly hope so anyway.

    @ Rosie - Did you always know his name was Lowly Worm? I'm just wondering if it was actually common knowledge that just bypassed me and my brother.

  4. he's one of the few characters whose name i remember, so i assume so.

  5. bu then, i was one of those freak kids who could read in playschool...

  6. Trying to find Goldbug was the best thing about Richard Scarry books.

  7. i knew his name was Lowly Worm. It's a super clever joke for a kid's book, I think.

    You make a good point about his apple car. Maybe he controls it with the power of his mind? Damn. I want a telepathy apple car. So Eco!

  8. Haha! Omg I remember those books! I loved them!Gas - driving with no hands - rebel worm.

  9. Haha! We loved Lowly Worm when we were kids! Loved him and knew his name and everything

    Tuesday Kid - oh dear - maybe none of them wanted to have sex with your friend?

  10. The no holding hands pig is Pig Won't, his brother, Pig Will is willing to hold hands!


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