Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If You Go Down To The Woods Today

A few weeks ago, the Bear had a college reunion of sorts in Nealon's. I came along later on in the evening, having previously been at Landsdowne Road to swoon at Michael Bublé. Ahem. I know. I'm actually desperately uncool, despite the deadly-bird-about-town persona that this blog no doubt projects. Y'know, the kind of deadly-bird-about-town who's obsessed with Jessica Fletcher and puts her foot in it with her boyfriend's relatives. Yeah. Maybe not, actually.

Anyway, I joined the Bear and his buddies once I had made my way back into town to find him in a warm and crowded pub wearing his big, scratchy, woolly zip-up hoodie.

"Eh...are you not roasting?"

"Yeah. But there's a bear convention or something on upstairs."

"....there's a what now, where now?"

It transpired that Nealon's is in fact the official venue for Dublin Bears. These particular bears being the large, hirsute and cuddly variety of gay man. And on the third Saturday of each month Pantibar, which is across from Nealon's, hosts a bear night called The Furry Glen. (Whose logo I flipping love by the way.) It being the third Saturday of this particular month, there were big beardy men in assorted combinations of leather to be seen traipsing up and down the stairs in the pub, to the upper floor. Unfortunately in this instance for the Bear, he too is a big, beardy man and he also happened to be wearing a tshirt I got him for Christmas with this on it:

So to avoid any confusion, he kept his big warm hoodie on. Which is brown and (as I said) woolly and scratchy and as such did absolutely naught to distance him from the goings-on suas staighre, as it gives him the appearance of a huge friendly teddy bear. Although lucky for me, this bear doesn't have any interest in boys wearing assless pants.


  1. better to bare arms than to arm bears

  2. That's fucking hilarious :)

    I stumbled on a Beary tumblr at one point and was gratified to see my hairy beary husband was much handsomer than all the people there. We briefly considered a get rich quick scheme...


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