Friday, October 29, 2010

Brains, Darling. Brains.

I do so love a bit of Halloween divilment, and this weekend is shaping up rather nicely on that count I have to say. Tomorrow night will find the Bear and I, among others, shouting obscenities and throwing toast around in The Sugar Club for another fun night of Rocky Horror mischief. Seeing as dressing up is both mandatory and fuckloads of fun, I've been putting some thought into this year's costume and have settled on 1920s zombie.

I'm hoping to channel a sort of undead Clara Bow vibe and have been looking for pictures of vintage hottie Madge Bellamy in White Zombie, the first ever zombie movie by all accounts, fact fans. Last night when I was going to bed after spending half an hour Googling zombies, the Bear decided to frighten the bejaysus out of me by hiding in the doorway of the bathroom with the light off, the big jerk.

Undeterred, I have plans to rip up a black dress from Penneys, pick holes in some fishnets and get some fake blood all up in my grill, as it were. When Sunday rolls around, we've got an adventure in the Dublin Mountains to look forward to, as the Bear managed to win two tickets on Facebook for an excursion to the Hellfire Club from Hidden Dublin Walks. Sure what else would you be doing of a Sunday, other than listening to stories about demonic statues, dwarf skeletons and black masses in a haunted ruin up a mountain?


  1. The Hellfire Club walk sounds awesome, I have a little bit of an obsession with the place and it's history and links to Castletown House - I grew up near there. Look forward to reading your account of the day! Enjoying your blog, have just jumped on the bandwagon myself recently and nice to see how it should be done! Emma

  2. i'd batter Andrew to death if he frightened me like that.

    the Hidden Walks stuff sounds good. how did it go?

  3. Sounds amazing!!! Where are the pics!!???
    I'm totally going to a Rocky Horror night next year...I haven't been in THREE YEARS!! *gasp*

  4. @ Emma - Thanks so much! It's got such a mad history, it's really fascinating alright.

    @ Rosie - It was great, post is in the oven!

    @ Hermia - Patience! Rocky Horror is so much fun, I already can't wait for the next one. TIMEWARP!


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