Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bog Down In The Valley-O

A few weeks ago, I was out for a quiet few with the Bear and two of the Flags in a pub in Sligo called Shoot The Crows. A fine pub it is too. It's just the right kind of dark inside, with lots of timber, good Guinness (according to the Bear anyway), old men with great beards and a scary painting of a raven on the wall. All well and good, yes? But there's an oddity of sorts to be found in the ladies toilets. There's one normal cubicle and one really quite large one. And the really quite large one merited a blurry cameraphone picture to bring back and show to the boys in bewilderment. And this is why:

That's right. Two toilets. One cubicle. Now, I could kind of understand this in a nightclub of some description, when girls are the level of drunk that we'll pile into one stall with our mate to keep whatever enthralling and undoubtedly intellectual conversation going. But in an old man's pub in Sligo, where there's only one other normal cubicle and a girl in a sequinned dress would look spectacularly lost and out of place? Surely this means that the second toilet is left mostly unused unless you're willing to pee next to a stranger. Which I'm really definitely not.


  1. Imagine, if you will, the obsessive compulsive who must pee equal amounts in each lav.

    oh dear, messy.

  2. Haha! That is weird!!!

  3. Great pup, though. You should have taken a photo of the painting on the front-window too. Great "celtic-style" swirly mad paintings, which change every month or so.

  4. why? why would a plumber/architect decide; oh not much space, sure we'll shtick two in one cubical? why?

    unless u'r one of those weird close familys that leave the door open when u pee? but thats not peeing beside someone..
    anyway, i dont see this as a viable excuse for a double-toilet cubical, a dtc...ha!

    someone is ripping the piss here


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