Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun

In real life, I do actually call the Bear..well...Bear. He calls me Kitty and on occaison, Squirrel. (Yes I know, bleugh alert etc.) The squirrel part comes from the fact that we sometimes like to replace the word "girl" in a song lyric with "squirrel". Try it. It's fun.


Well it certainly amuses me no end. But then again so does the word "debrief".


Whilst wandering around Urban Outfitters, I was immediately drawn to a wallet with a lovely yellow squirrel on it. For €32. Balls to that, thought I. But one just like it was on sale for €18, and it transpired that the squirrel one was actually on sale too. Seeing as my last wallet had cost an entire euro in Dunnes, I figured it pretty much balanced out. While paying for my shiny new wallet, the guy behind the counter decided most kindly to give me a student discount. Even though I haven't been a student since 2006. So it actually only cost me €17.

Kitty: 1 World: 0


  1. Possibly my new favourite game. I will also aim to say the word squirrel randomly in conversation and act as though nooothing happened.

    "yeah I was totally late because of the traffic squirrel on the M50..."

    Or something much funnier than that.

    Anyway! Nice wallet! :)

  2. Danke Miss B! Go nuts with it. The Squirrel from Ipanema, there's another one.

  3. pretty!

    don't feel too bad about the pet names. i call Andrew "Kitty" (after Boo's nickname for James P. Sullivan in Monsters INC) and he calls me Pussycat (in homage to Borat, i think).

  4. Haha! Not after The Owl and the Pussycat after all then?

    I got excited when I found this on Wikipedia and decided that if we ever had a kid, it'd be one of those.

  5. sadly not. i think i was just trying to make myself feel better and attribute a romantic origin to it. but it's really from him singing "I love you Pussycat!" in a kebab shop at about 3am.

    if you give birth to one of those they'll probably feature you in National Geographic.

  6. Well that's romantic in it's own drunken way, right? Also, baby binturongs are much cuter than human babies. Although I may very well be alone in thinking that.

  7. aw so cute, i keep imagining a squirrel with a fringe!
    kudos on the bargain wrangling!


  8. Oh. You're not Alone.

    We had a mutual Bear thing going for many years.

    Though I confessed this recently to Danielle, who told me in surprise that in German it's the equivalent of 'beaver'. Damn!


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