Thursday, September 09, 2010

Picnic Pick 'n Mix

Oh I do so love Electric Picnic. Frolics and adventures aplenty are the order of the weekend and 2010 delivered just that. In the shape of:

> The amazing Miss Janelle Monae flooding the Body & Soul stage with pure funky brilliance and a really rather impressive hairstyle.

> Eels doing a brilliant version of Mr E's Beautiful Blues to the tune of Twist and Shout. It totally works!

> Discussing what a dickhead Bear Grylls is while drinking cans by the tent. Conclusion: He's an attention seeking cunt. But I think we all knew that already.

> Overhearing shouts of "Five-O!" in the campsite to herald the approach of the Gardaí. Whether there actually were any coming mattered not, because having just started watching The Wire, I found it hilarious. Particularly because one of our mates that was with us is in fact a Garda.

> Getting our collective groove on to Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. I do love a bit of a brass section. A nine-strong, rapping brass section that is.

> Túcan being typically amazing in both Body & Soul and at the fairylight-illuminated Salty Dog, with their Daft Punk mashup and brilliant version of Oxide and Neutrino's 90s classic No Good 4 Me.

> Gaping slack-jawed and bug-eyed at the sequinned performers of Fossett's Circus as they frantically spun around and twisted themselves into unbelieveable shapes while gripped to a rope, bits of ribbon, and at one point a type of fishing net, high above the circus ring. I was seriously on the edge of my plastic seat and nearly forgot I had popcorn in my hand. And a borrowed gourd of whiskey and (heh) red lemonade in the other.

> Glenn Wool in the Comedy Tent. I have a big ridiculous crush on him since seeing him at the Kilkenny Cat Laughs a few years ago.

> Ditching Hot Chip for Imelda May on the Main Stage. Because she's so unbelieveably amazing and I love her, that rockabilly badass. That particular girl crush has now gone up to eleven.

> The giant stage times that the Bear had printed out, laminated and attached to his belt for the weekend. We intended for it to be a joke and for him to wear it around his neck like a supersized timetable but it ended up being really handy (at times as something to sit on when the ground was wet) and went down a storm with manys a stranger.

Ginormo-timetable! And my small girly one.

> Seasick Steve on the Salty Dog. Seasick Steve on a boat! A BOAT! Genius.

> A mini cabaret act of sorts popping up on the Salty Dog between Seasick Steve and Túcan. By mini cabaret act I mean three sexy girls in sailor outfits dancing to Candyman. Love!

> Catching the tail end of the Lucent Dossier show. It's all a bit fuzzy to be honest, but the Bear recalls me exclaiming "there's a lot of bottom going on here!", regarding the scantily clad lady-performers.


> The RTÉ Symphony Orchestra entertaining a hungover, Sunday morning crowd with the theme tunes from Indiana Jones and James Bond.

> Loving Beardyman for about ten minutes and then wandering off when it all got a bit too dubstep and boring for my liking. Which led to us laughing like lunatics in the Comedy Tent at Steve Frost's Comedy Improv Allstars featuring that lovely big armchair of a man, Phil Jupitus.

> Pieminister. As always. Oh Pieminister, you delicious bastards with your tasty, tasty pies. And mash. And gravy. Seriously, I'm anybody's for a Henny Penny Pie.

> Fight Like Apes and their glorious, demented, riotous set in the Electric Arena. May Kay and Pockets wreaked absolute havoc on the stage, walloping giant iron bars together in an oversized sword-fight, spitting water all over the shop, crowd surfing and clambering over everything in sight. The whole band finished up by making shite of the stage, trashing their instruments to a chorus of "one more tune" from the crowd. Which clearly wasn't going to happen seeing as keyboards and guitars had just been smashed against the ground and the drumkit was kicked over. Fantastic.

(I've also written a post just about the music we encountered, for which is here. I know, two posts in such quick succession - I'm clearly losing the run of myself entirely.)


  1. I was the exact same with beardyman last year. I love Beardyman but the bacardi tent just ins't the place to see him. umph tiss umph tiss umph tiss umph tiss umph tiss umph.

  2. seasick steve was tops on salty dog stage alright. I have some clips on my youtube channel 'aridal68' - we were right at his feet! ...some clips of beardyman and noise control there too, as well as two greystones kids doing an impromptu everlong. were eels really any good? ...we stupidly gave up on them and left - somehow they didn't grab us on the nite! urp!

  3. I blogged about the acts I did catch at Electric Picnic. I could write a lot longer post about things I meant to catch but didn't. Seasick Steve would be one. And Janelle Monae and The Frames and Dave Lourdan...I could go on. I'll just have to go again next year

  4. @ John - Yeah it was all going really well until he asked the crowd whether they wanted to hear something rock or something dubstep. Dubstep won. We left shortly afterwards.

    @ Arid Al - I was a bit nonplussed by Eels really, but that was mostly because they didn't play any of the stuff I knew. That version of Mr E was definitely worth sticking around for though.

    @ Writer - I know! There was so much other stuff we saw as well, Mumford & Sons, Fat Freddies Drop, Modest Mouse, it's such a brilliantly hectic weekend.


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